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Swan's Service Station

Swen Swenson, also known as Swan Swanson, first came to the United States in 1916 from Sweden, he returned to Sweden in 1929 and became engaged to his wife Sigrid. The couple settled in Dubois, where Swan’s father was a contractor for Wyoming Tie and Timber Company.

Swan worked as a tie hack and Sigrid as a cook at the DuNoir tie camp for the first nine years they lived in Dubois. In 1930, the Swansons moved to town to operate the service station and run a trucking company between Riverton, Lander, and Dubois. Sigrid and their daughter, Annie, lived in Riverton.

              The filling station originally consisted of two small rooms with an office in front and sleeping room in the back. To the left of the station was a pit with wooden tracks on each side to hold vehicles while the oil was being changed.

              Virgil Ruthledge worked at the station in 1939 for his room and board plus $30.00 a month. “Board” consisted of a can of peaches and a loaf of bread from Welty’s Store. When Swan was there he would cook for them. He was a good cook too, often having steaks and such for dinner, but when Annie would come the meals were extra good! The “room” part of the agreement consisted of a cot in the corner of the station by a wall of books. Turns out Swan loved old western paperback books and the west wall was filled with books from the floor to the ceiling. At this time regular gas was sold for $.15 a gallon and ethyl for $.18 a gallon.

The station was located west of Welty’s Store, about where Bull’s Conoco is today. Swan’s house was behind the station. The station operated only during the summer months.

              Swan’s Service Station is one of the historic cabins located at the Dubois Museum.

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