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Dennison Ranch

              The R.V.D. Ranch was located up Bear Creek east of Dubois. Richard Dennison, part of the Dennison Paper Company in New Jersey was the owner. He first purchased the ranch in 1914 which consisted of about 5,500 acres and other portions that were leased.

              The place was a true showpiece. Joe Hagstrom built the huge log house including the cobblestone fireplace in the main room which was a trophy room. Interestingly enough Mr. Dennison did not hunt, but purchased the mounts mostly from Africa.

              The ranch was home to race horses and cattle. They were lucky enough to live in elaborate barns with hardwood floors too. The value of the Dennison livestock was $500,000 in the 1920’s. At one point sixteen thoroughbreds shipped from Lander to Kentucky then distributed among prominent racing strings of the south. The Jersey cattle were all registered and lived in a three-story barn that also stored 75 tons of hay. The horse barn was in a L shape and it could hold 150 tons of hay. The cattle barn is now the Trial Lawyers College classroom.

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Information is from Dubois Area History by Mary Allison.