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LVHS partners with Fremont Therapy Group to add Athletic Training Services for 2016-2017 school year

Feature Image: (left to right) Tom Davis, PT, DPT, MA, CSCS, Adam Simon, ATC/LAT and Courtney Hansen, MPT

(Lander, Wyo.)Fremont County School District #1 has recently taken a major step to further ensure the safety of its high school athletes. The Lander Valley High School Principal, Brad Neuendorf, announced a partnership with Fremont Therapy Group to provide a certified athletic trainer to the athletic program for the 2016-2017 school year. This move will fill a much-needed gap in both the treatment and prevention of sports injuries of high school athletes, notes Mr. Neuendorf. “Having a certified athletic trainer on our high school campus is going to help us to protect the health of our student-athletes.” 

“Having an athletic trainer at the school during practices and games will bring peace of mind for parents who want their student-athletes to be safe in the classroom and on the field. It will also allow us to focus on the full gamut of our athletes’ potential, by encompassing training that addresses injury prevention and performance enhancement.”

Until now, it has typically been up to coaches to make immediate rulings on injuries and decided whether or not an athlete should return to play in a game. The addition of an athletic trainer at our sidelines takes the pressure off coaches and gives athletes important information on how to treat injuries and ailments. 

For the past 20 years, the team at Fremont Therapy Group has been volunteering their time and resources to support local high school coaches and parents by attending the sidelines and offering free injury screens in the clinic for their athletes, but this partnership goes a step further toward keeping students safe and healthy. 

“Our partnership with the district furthers our long-standing effort to reach out in the community and spread awareness when dealing with and recovering from athletic injuries,” said Brent Kaufman, Co-owner of Fremont Therapy Group. “Adam will be teaching an athletic training class this fall, offering LVHS students the opportunity to learn more about the field of athletic training.”

 “Fremont Therapy allows us, through this partnership, to enhance our athletic program in a way that we probably would not have otherwise been able,” said Fremont County School District Business Manager Travis Sweeney. “The former Athletic Director, Doug Hughes, was instrumental in bringing this service to the District.”

Fremont Therapy Group hired local Adam Simon to fill the athletic trainer position. Adam completed his bachelors of science degree in athletic training, is licensed by the State of Wyoming and is certified by the Board of Certification for Athletic Training.

For more information about this program, call Fremont Therapy Group at (307) 332-5240 Lander Valley High School at (307) 335-8447.