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Fremont Therapy Group is now offering dry needling for pain treatment 

Fremont Therapy Group is now offering dry needling for pain treatment 

Three of Fremont Therapy Group’s physical therapists have recently started using dry needling to help with myofascial trigger point pain, or pain coming from the muscles and connective tissues. The physical therapists are using “dry” needles, without medication or injection, to release the trigger points.

Courtney Hansen, MPT, Justin Willis, PT, DPT, ATC and Myriah Warren, PT, DPT are using the skill of dry needling to relieve pain or improve their patients range of motion.  

What Kind of Needles Are Used?

Hansen, Willis and Warren use a thin filiform needle to penetrate the skin. This allows them to target tissues that they can’t reach manually. The needles have a diameter of 0.3mm and usually aren’t felt during the procedure. In fact, sixteen of the needles used in dry needling can fit into the tip of a hypodermic needle used for most injections when at the doctor’s office.*1 However, some patients will feel a twinge or twitch when the physical therapist hits the trigger point as well as some possible discomfort. But, ultimately, it will feel better.

Dry needling produces the same effect as injection of local anesthetic in terms of inactivation of trigger points. The twitch or twinge response is a necessary sign that must be obtained in order to insure penetration of the myofascial trigger point.

Dry needling is now available in our Lander, Riverton and Rawlins clinics. Wondering if dry needling can help with your pain? Give us a call!

If you would like more information please call our Lander clinic at 307-332-5240 or our Riverton clinic at 307-845-7021.

Fremont Therapy has been serving Fremont County since 1996, and now operates clinics in Green River and Rawlins. The diverse background of our 25 licensed therapy professionals with a wide range of certifications and advanced training credentials, gives our patients access to a therapist with the knowledge and skills to address their needs. The breadth of our staff also ensures flexible, timely scheduling and continuity of treatments. Patients are always seen by a licensed therapy professional.

Fremont Therapy operates in modern facilities designed and built specifically for therapy services, and include spacious gym areas, heated aquatic therapy pools, and private treatment rooms.

Fremont Therapy Group is a local company owned and managed by physical therapists who have been in the community for decades, and are driven by their profession and the betterment of the communities in which they live and work

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