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Recovering from an accidental gunshot wound with Fremont

Physical Therapy changes lives. Those who have an injury, illness, addiction to pain meds, chronic pain….the list goes on. Physical Therapy is a unique part of the healthcare industry. Often times, when seeking medical care, you see the doctor one time every few months or even once per year. With physical therapy, patients are often prescribed multiple visits per week for a month or more. Because of this frequency, our staffs become “attached” to our patients. We build true relationships--we all absolutely love the see patients progress and learn about their struggles and successes. 

In honor of National Physical Therapy Month, we want to highlight some of our treasured patients and share their inspiring stories of triumph over injury and moving on to a healthier lifestyle of mobility. 

Meet Mackenzie Rakness

After suffering an accidental gunshot wound to her leg in 2018, Mackenzie came to Fremont Therapy with significant pain and mobility issues. This injury resulted in a femur fracture and ultimately a partial knee replacement. As a mother of a young son, Mackenzie was a motivated patient to regain function and get back to being active. She worked tirelessly with the staff at Rawlins and has shown incredible grit and progress. 

We recently sat down with Mackenzie, the following are her views on Physical Therapy:

Did you know what to expect when you began physical therapy?

No, I had never attended PT prior. Because of my traumatic injury, there were a lot of emotions in the beginning of PT. I was nervous and unsure of my future. I was worried I would not get full function back in my leg. 

How did PT help you physically?

The staff taught me how to walk properly again and helped me get stronger. Challenges I was experiencing in my daily life were addressed by the PT. We came up with a plan each treatment to help me work through and conquer challenges. 

How did PT help you in other areas of your life?

PT gave me hope for what my future could look like and getting back to the things I used to do. The positive outlook the entire staff had at Fremont, helped me have a positive outlook as well. 

What were your favorite aspects of your PT experience?

They all pushed me to get better and helped me overcome my fear of making my injury worse. The PT’s are helping me achieve my goals, even when I don’t feel like pushing myself. 

Every staff member of Fremont helped me and cared about my journey. 

Favorite exercise? Least Favorite?

Monster walks are fun, and the shuttle is fun because I can see my improvement. 

Heel slides...not so fun. 

Fun or not, all the exercises were customized to me and have helped me gain strength and confidence in walking again. 

What advice would you give future patients?

Don’t let the pain stop you. The therapists know what they are doing and will help you through the tough times. You have to work with the therapists and do your part to heal. 

With your PT, you should set short term and long term goals--this is good so that you are always working toward something. Celebrate any goal you reach!

What is life like for you now? How is your injury?

I am back to working as a special ed aide in the school and I actually walked to the office in the school yesterday and didn’t even think about my knee!  I just applied to be the assistant girls basketball coach at the middle school. My knee is actually getting stronger and I actually have hope that I may get back to my normal activity and be able to recreate next summer.