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Fremont Auto Reconditioning welcomes new tinting expert

Fremont Auto Reconditioning would like to introduce you to the team, Fremont county's premier window tinting expert. Nic Bath is the owner of the Luxury Touch Window Tinting company that was established in 1996. He has been tinting your community's windows for the past four years as the owner of Luxury Touch. He specializes in Automotive and Commercial windows as well as RV and Boat windows. 

In addition to Nic joining the team we would also like to introduce the film company that we are proud to be affiliated with. Llumar window films is manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company, a global specialty chemicals company founded by George Eastman of Eastman Kodak in 1920. Eastman produces a broad range of advanced materials and specialty chemicals that are found in thousands of household and industrial products that people use every day.

The Llumar brand was established in the United States in 1977 and expanded into the global marketplace in 2001. The product portfolio includes a complete line of automotive window tint; commercial and residential architectural window films, safety/security, anti-graffiti, and decorative films. 

Every place glass is used represents an opportunity for enhancement with Llumar window films. whether applied to automotive or architectural glass, high performance films enhance energy efficiency, comfort, aesthetics, safety, and security.

Don't hesitate to contact us about any and all your window covering needs and feel free to stop in and check out our Llumar display and samples.

Come see what we can do for you.

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