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Frontier Home Health and Hospice:  Committed to Reducing Fall Risks

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Frontier Home Health and Hospice is committed to helping resident of Fremont County reduce their risk of falls through education, home safety evaluations and care planning with your local physician.One way to reduce falls is to speak to your doctor about how to address your risk factors for falling:

Questions to ask your Doctor:

  • Can you provide a referral to get my vision checked?
  • Can you tell me what medications may increase my risk for falls?
  • Are there any assistive devices that would be beneficial for me?
  • What physical activity is appropriate for me?
  • Are there any community resources, classes or services that would help reduce my risks for falls?

Ask for a Referral: Talk to your Doctor regarding skilled home health.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy and skilled nursing can help reduce injury due to a fall by evaluating the factors contributing to fall risk, then developing a plan approved by your doctor to address them.

National Fall Prevention Week is September 22-28, 2016. For free Fall Prevention and Home Safety checklist  or to learn more about what you can do to reduce fall risks, contact Frontier Home Health and Hospice at 332-2922 or 856-4127.