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Follow Me - the best tactical program

In the following paragraphs I want to expose you to 3 ways to make use of Follow Me often in the classroom or even as part of a device education plan, to boost tactical decision making and problem solving. In future articles I am going to go even more in depth with every one of these techniques along with exploring several useful variations.

Because Follow Me is very simple to learn it's the perfect training program for those groups with limited instruction time. In a device in which standard Sergeant's Time training or perhaps leadership development training is actually conducted Follow Me is actually the perfect option for coaching tactical decision making and problem solving. For the followme navigation program you need a compass, tactical watches, infa red glasses and special boots. Some would point out that the objective is usually to teach tactics but it in fact goes a bit deeper than that.

At West Point we're taking a look at how a cadet solves a particular tactical problem. Whether it's evaluating terrain or perhaps templating enemy locations the concept is usually to get them to articulate the "why" of the actions of theirs, not always the how. We agree the how's simply as important, but remember there might be a selection of appropriate treatments (the how). But why they pick certain courses of action is actually of specific interest to us.

We would like to find out what the cadet is actually thinking, can they be taking into account elements that we consider essential, are they searching for more than a single solution, are they in a position to adjust whether the scenario calls for this, Will they have to adapt, this's not only teaching them tactics we're curious in the "why" of the actions of theirs. Needless to say the byproduct of most of this tactical decision making is actually learning tactics because to be able to resolve the problem you've to use the right tactics.

Follow Me is actually a fantastic instrument for "getting in the repetitions" by permitting cadets to enjoy a selection of scenarios based on the length of time we've with them. This allows for them to see various tactical circumstances and train their "tactical thinking". For this article I am going to give a short overview of the 3 methods we utilize at West Point, in consequent articles I'll get into much more detail on how we've used these methods in our army science courses.

For all those businesses which give out homework this could be the ideal way to make the pupil a minimal resource homework assignment. For all those organizations that assign read aheads for the following lesson this would be a very good way to lay the basis for the following days discussion.

These 3 strategies must be used in various combination's to accomplish the preferred learning results. All 3 methods map directly to various levels of teacher expertise as well as pupil expertise. Remember Follow Me is actually a flexible tool that may be customized to fit some organizations training or perhaps educational requirements.

A training support package making use of this particular technique will be a summary of the talking points and when they happen. This's a really good method to expose cadets to tactical decision making because the teacher will train them through the decision making process and they could see exactly how those activities play out.