To celebrate Columbus Day, don't look for dry land - set sail for deals at Gambles!

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Everyday he looked for land, taking out his spyglass and hoping to see a shoreline. Shane looks for lots of things: The meaning of life, misplaced keys, good food, lost change in the couch cushions, the New that was Columbus, not Shane. Anyway, he's ALWAYS looking to make people smile and to give them great deals! Seriously, we're not being cheesy - he likes people :)

Feeling adrift in your old dingy of a chair? Does your old couch feel shipwrecked? Now's the time to upgrade to a new La-Z-Boy recliner, reclining sofa or a love seat! You'll be ready to set sail for the New World and your wallet won't take a big hit with 25% off all La-Z-Boy furniture during the Columbus Day Sale at Gambles, now through October 11th 2016.

If all the nautical terms threw you for a loop, that's 25% off all La-Z-Boy furniture in the store - even items already on sale. You can also expect great rebates on Kitchen Aid appliances to freshen up your home's galley (your kitchen for you land-lubbers).

This sale runs until October 11th 2016, so let the wind hit your sails and head on over to Gambles for the Columbus Day Sale!

Don't forget that Gambles delivers FOR FREE within a 30 mile radius of Lander. 


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