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Who is Generator Rex & What is Generator Rex Games?

Generator Rex & Generator Rex Games?

Rex Salazar is just an average teenage boy, like many extraordinary cartoon characters initially are. However, certain courses of life have changed the existence of this common youngster completely.

Namely, prior to the plot of the Generator Rex animated series, five years beforehand, the world underwent a catastrophe. Basically, a mysterious explosion which took place in the outer space, triggered a release of nanites, unique parasites which infected people, turning them into E.V.O.s after the incubation period. E.V.O.s stand for Exponentially Variegated Organisms. Plainly explained, these are mindless zombies who wreak havoc all around, unless stopped. Even though these infected organisms are quite mindless, some of them evolve into intelligent creatures, being even tougher a threat.Enjoy Worlds Hardest Game and have fun.

Rex was also infected. Yet, he evolved into something completely different, something unique. He gained powers of transformation and capabilities of generating various weapons and many other things which he can use to battle evil and help the world, saving it from evil E.V.O.s.

After his powers became publicly known, Rex was summoned to become a part of the benign organizations called the Providence, its main goal being the annihilation of evil E.V.O.s and rescuing of the world.

Rex knows nothing about the course of his infection. Also, his memory is more-or-less lost. All that he is aware of are his extraordinary powers and their purpose. Apart from many different machines growing out of his body, Generator Rex can use his nanites to control various vehicles and machinery. Scary maze Game is one of the best game for quick fun.

However, his power stems from his dedication and emotional strength. Thus, whenever he is frustrated or lacking self-esteem, his powers leave him, making him an easy target for the evil forces of an E.V.O. gone bad, Van Kleis. In fact, Van Kleis is the main Villain in the series.

During the course of the series, Rex gradually finds out more and more about his past, his parents, friends, home etc. However, many things remain mysterious and Rex suspects that his family died during the explosion, since his parents were involved in the nanite research. Yet, his brother, Cesar, was captured by a spacecraft.

As for Rex’s metamorphic capabilities and the arsenal lying behind this capability, he may summon only one change at a time. He can grow robotic arms and legs, or a saw-like sword, a bazooka canon, a jet pack which may also work under water or even a hover-bike. Later on, as the Generator Rex series progresses, Rex’s powers multiply and many new perks appear, like octopus tentacles or rotating extendable fists as well as a pair of energy-based hand axes.

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