Why Playing Horror Games Is Mandatory Nowadays

How many times you have heard of a scary game that you want to try, but you make an excuse not to? Probably a million times. Well, this isn’t a coincidence. It is a part of your nature! Horror scary games have been rated as a negative type of games, due to a simple reason. Most people are scared of them, so they avoid them. Because we know that those who are scared, usually avoid something by saying they don’t like it, we can deduct that horror games are not as bad as you may believe.

On the other side, we have researchers and studies that claim horror games are actually needed and they have a positive effect on the brain and the health. Of course, playing them during the day, in a reasonable duration is still important. The main question here is what are those health benefits?

You will become fearless

Playing scary games can help you develop your resistance to stress and complicated situations. If you have a job that involves a lot of stress and negative people, playing these games is almost mandatory.

In simple words, you will learn how to cope with difficult situations. Your brain will learn and understand that there are a lot of things it must understand and withstand. While playing a scary game, a brain will literally put your body in the prepared condition. Exposing a body all the time for this treatment will increase the amount of stress it can withstand.

Your immune system will be more efficient

Who knows what the immune system is? Probably all of you and you also know that it is the only type of defense we have against bacteria and treats. But, how many of you know that scary games can boost the immune system up?

One study that included 32 people, monitored their body while playing scary games. The researchers deduced that those people get a higher number of white blood cells. These cells are responsible for the efficiency of the immune system and theyliterally, kill bacteria and viruses.

The explanation why this happens is simple. When exposed to the horror online games, our body increases the heart rate and a number of processes inside. In general, it will prepare itself for a possible attack or a life-threatening situation. After a few times of this preparation, your immune system will be better trained. It will have a higher number of cells at its disposal and it will destroy all treats easier than ever. The aforementioned study also proved that when playing scary games, your vitamin C levels will be increased. It will be the same like when you take a medication of this type, every day.

There area lot more health benefits only horror games offer. Just some, additional ones are weight loss and help with phobias. If you don’t play them, now is the time to begin, and get all of these benefits. In this case, more, the merrier.