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Craftsman Model 54985 ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Review

The importance of enhancing home security can never be overemphasized. 

We go through a lot to ensure that our homes are well equipped with the latest security gadgets to provide for the much-needed security measures. The garage is also an important area that needs protection from any sorts of breaches. What better way to ensure security in the garage than to install the Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with two Multi-Function Remotes and Keypad.

 This technology is one of a kind, and it allows the homeowner to have a peace of mind while they pull in or head out of their garage as they can derive some confidence from the system. Here is a review if this remarkable invention.

· Convenience and reliability

The Craftsman ½ HP 54985 is well furnished with a load of features that allows for its functioning. The Tri-Frequency Radio System is equipped with multiple frequency systems which are designed to eliminate the effects of interference which have long been known to be caused by products in and around the home. By so doing, this feature allows you to gain access to your garage every time regardless of your distance.

The system boasts of having a wireless keyless entry pad which allows the homeowner to gain access to their garage without necessarily having to use a remote control or a key. They only need to type in a four-digit programmable PIN of gain access.

It is energy efficient because when the system is set on sleep mode, it consumes less than 1 watt of power.

· Safety and security

The ability to guarantee safety and security is very vital when it comes to a security system. In that connection, the Craftsman ½ HP 54985 model is equipped with a Protector System® Safety reversing sensors with Rapid-Snap® brackets which give the system its ability to automatically reverse the door in an even where something interrupts the beam and prevents the door from closing.

The garage door opener has a sensing technology which prevents the door from closing whenever contact is made with either a person or an object for that matter.

Both the PosiLock® System and the Anti-burglary Coding Technology are designed to enhance the security of the system.

· Connectivity

Assurelink™ Connectivity allows the user to monitor and control their garage door and home lighting from any location. The garage door opener is also compatible with HomeLink® in-vehicle remote control system to enhance connectivity.

· Easy to install

In as much as professionals are available who can do the installation for you, it does not mean that you cannot do it yourself. You'll end up saving a lot of money by installing it yourself. The quick install rail system allows for this. Installation and assembly can be completed in a matter of 60 seconds.


· The Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with two Multi-Function Remotes and Keypad does not come with battery backup function.

Customers Reviews

One thing was certain with all the customers who purchased the new Craftsman ½ HP garage door opener, they all agreed that it was the best garage door opener in the market. They all gave it a five-star rating courtesy of its convenient features. The garage door opener is so powerful that it can list most residential garage doors up to 7 high. It is also easy to install and maintain.


The Craftsman ½ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener with two Multi-Function Remotes and Keypad has everything you can ever desire in a garage door opener. From its Tri-Frequency Radio system to the Anti-Burglary Coding Technology, everything about it is oriented to enhancing security and safety...