Gaudern Construction

Not everyone's a finisher

"Many try, but few succeed."

In this day and age, many believe they can learn construction from a few hours on YouTube, then break into the field. But if there's one thing Gaudern Construction has learned over the years is that nothing can beat learning a trade from the ground up and over a significant amount of time.

Even a few months working on a crew just can't compare with the decades of experience it takes to learn the concrete trade.

What's more, concrete is an art. Once the mud is on the ground, there's no telling how it will finish. Hundreds of factors can make or break a job. It all begins with the concrete plant mixing the mud down to the contractors, like Tim and Brandon Gaudern, who lay it down and finish it.

"There's a lot riding on pour day," said Brandon Gaudern, owner of Gaudern Construction. "A good concrete finisher can save the day and make just about any pour a success."

It takes a great deal of skill and expertise to turn a pile of mud into a masterpiece that is as beautiful as it is tough. That's why it's essential to choose a contractor that knows what they're doing.

For many finishers, the true test is a set of steps. In the images provided, you can see that Tim is a pro. The steps are smooth with well rounded corners and even height.

On the sidewalk, note the beautiful "sweat float" texture. This fan pattern is made by hand with careful precision. It is a difficult technique, not attempted by a novice.

Gaudern Construction has over 50 years of combined experience pouring shop floors, foundations, monolithic slabs, decorative patios, retaining walls, and more. You can trust the Gauderns for all your concrete needs!

Concrete isn't just the ground you walk on. It's the foundation that holds up the building and ultimately, the roof over your head. When finished properly it can be trusted to last a lifetime.

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