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Vinyl Stickers for the Victorian Winter

As we delve further in to the coldest months of the year here in southern Victoria, we bear witness to the toughest winter on the Australian mainland. The influence of the Southern Ocean begins to be felt more and more acutely, in the form of soaking rains and chilling breezes. For the world’s hottest continent, this is not what many visitors expect to experience.

Marketing must face down this annual onslaught. Mobile signage and billboards are often subject to a severe battering, and many do not survive the season. For those of us with businesses to run, we must take care to employ only the toughest mediums.

But it is within these conditions that vinyl stickers and letters rise to the occasion. Intended for use on outdoor vehicles, including cars, trucks, and boats, these tough members of the sticker family are able to not only survive - but thrive, even through the toughest of weather.

Their strength lies in their construction - a tough, thickened material, vinyl stickers can absorb a solid thrashing from the elements. When professionally installed, their adhesive is hardy enough to withstand not only rain, sleet and wind, but also the baking heat of the summer months. This is why they have taken off as an option for businesses looking to raise awareness by branding vehicles and marine equipment.

If you’re looking for a branding option that will stand up to the rigours of Australian weather, vinyl cut lettering and stickers from Gecko Sticker Signs can help you. Contact them today to find out more.

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