Great Grandma Run

Mobile game “Great Grandma Escape” runs a contest on April 1st for a Limited time, Grab the opportunity and be a winner.

June 2016, IAM 4 Laughs & Giggles LLC had announced the anticipated release of our first mobile game (GGX) for iOS and we launched the game in August 2016. After launch, we received good response and positive reviews from all over.

3/25/2017, As a result of the positive user responses, IAM 4 Laughs & Giggles LLC is planning to run a month long contest for all current users as well as new users. For those who don’t know about this game or who want to know more about it, they can visit our website or read our previous press release note.

According to the IAM 4 Laughs & Giggles LLC, the participant needs to follow few things to win this contest given below.

Contest will run from (4/1/2017) to (4/30/2017)

All contestants must reach the last level of the game

After reaching the last level of the game, the contestant needs to take picture of themselves next to the game screen of the Granny character standing next to the security guard

Then you have to email that picture to or you can post it on the Great Grandma Escape facebook page:

At the end of each week we will choose a winner randomly

So now, all users will understand the simple rules of the GGX Game. Every contestant should post one image per week. Anyone can take part in this contest around the world. If there are any questions, feel free to contact Idris Mortley at

We are inviting anyone who hasn’t played or downloaded our game to join in on the fun. Come play as the granny who loves her grandchild so much that she will do anything to attend his birthday party. Even break out of a hospital. Anyone can download this game around the world and the best part of this game is it is a free app, so you don’t need to pay a single penny to play this game. If you want to upgrade your character with abilities or weapons, you can find coins in-game or you can buy virtual coins in the shop. For more details, you can visit our website given above.

About GGX - Great Grandma Escape:

GGX is a collaboration between IAM 4 Laughs & Giggles LLC & InheritX Solutions .

About IAM 4 Laughs & Giggles LLC:

Idris Mortley is the CEO of IAM 4 Laughs & Giggles LLC. Idris Mortley’s goal is to bring concepts, that everyone can enjoy, to life.

Contact Information:

Idris Mortley