3 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matters

3 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matters

The sole purpose of business card is to provide an easy way for people to contact you. A well designed business card with catchy colors and creative touch may make it easier for people to remember you and your business. With business cards it is easier to distribute it to mass rather than going to individual people taking notes of their contacts and whereabouts of their business.

If you doubt the power of business card and think this is an obsolete method of collecting contact information. Well, that’s why I am here for. Hang in here till the end to know about how having a business card may work wonders for you.

1. Exchanging contacts digitally is impersonal

When it comes to grow your connections and expand your network sphere, exchanging contacts is necessary. Not just contacts but genuine contacts!! Genuine contacts cannot be established through emails, or text message.

Handshakes, eye-contact or little chit-chats like talking about business in real time will create a significant memory of your encounter and is more likely to affect your networking positively. Therefore, next time when you meet a fellow businessman instead of rushing to your computer and chat, try having a real time conversation and when opportunity arises give them your business card for further contacts.

When I can take their contact directly into my phone, why going through trouble of having business cards? You may ask!!

Well, to some people it may seem rude that you are clicking through your phone adding contacts when they are communicating with you. These small resentments may affect the first impression of your business negatively. Apart from that, there are people who are not that comfortable with technology, so in order to tap those, business cards may come handy.

2. Business card is first impression of your brand

Business card can tell lot about your business. Are you wondering “how”??

Having some professionally designed business cards always ready with you shows your readiness, professionalism and dedication towards your business. So instead of fumbling in your pocket for some paper or your phone to write contact address on, exchanging business cards creates a good first impression of yours.

Another way business card can create a good impression is the way your card is designed.

How would you feel if you are handed with a pale and saggy bunch of pages as business card? Not good and probably you won’t contact them at all. The reason is, the backwardness of its design have not impressed you at all, you will think of them as cheap business cards.

Therefore, go for good standard designing process for your business card, make it hard, colorful and design it with your business-oriented theme.

The efforts given in business card will be considered as your seriousness in your business and will make the best first impression of your brand.

3.Business cards can get you referrals

Your business card must not only include name and address, if possible add small description of your talents and skills, so that, even if the person is not in immediate need of your skill he can refer you to someone else. All he has to do to is give them your card.

See!! So simple it is to simply hand over card!!

In the nutshell:

It is easy to distribute it, it is easy to pass on to someone, easy to remember the contact name and address and most importantly it is the best medium to increase your contact, business card can work wonders. Therefore, invest time and money and hire a freelance designer to design a high quality business card stand out of the deck. There are so many freelancer out there and so many great platforms to hire them, who can design professional looking business cards at cheap prices for you.

So, even if the technology has made several conventional ways obsolete, it seems that business cards will still be ruling the market for a long time.