Global Women In Blockchain

Global Blockchain Summit Addresses Diversity with ‘Global Women in Blockchain’ Panel and GWB’s Formal US Launch!

Featuring an Incredible Lineup of Female Blockchain Experts

Global Women in Blockchain (GWB) is the first international umbrella organization designed to activate and accelerate the powerful partnerships of women in order to lead in the education, development, and promotion of blockchain technologies. Our non-profit group aims to inject much-needed diversity into tech by empowering women through shared business connections and exchanges, associations, meet-ups, virtual town halls, learning events and more. GWB aspires to have at least one female delegate per country to lead in service of women by fostering an ecosystem of trust, support, inclusion, conscious leadership and socioeconomic advancement.

WB invites you to join in this movement at its formal US launch in Denver, Colorado, at the Global Blockchain Summit (GBS) April 19th & 20th, 2018. The launch will be captured live on Friday, the footage from which will be featured in an upcoming documentary focusing on GWB not only as an organization but also as part of the burgeoning women in tech social movement. Shaun Frankson, co-founder of The Plastic Bank, which helps address the issue of plastic in the ocean while reducing poverty, is a keynote speaker at the Summit, and Nina Nichols, GWB founder, will appear live on stage for an exciting announcement. The GBS invited Global Women in Blockchain to announce at its first summit of the year, focusing on diversity, equality and women in blockchain along with a robust retinue of internationally renowned blockchain experts to discuss current trends and innovations across the spectrum. In addition, the Summit is doing its part to provide a positive impact for the environment by hosting a Plastic Neutral Event. The Summit will feature some of the world’s most notable blockchain and distributed ledger experts as well as leading blockchain companies.

Some of the prominent women that will take stage (most of whom are GWB members), include: ● Youngsook Park, Co-Chair of the Global ICO Association and Chair of GWB South Korea ● Carolina Abenante, Founder of NYIAX ● Eileen Quenin, VP Disney’s Dragonchain ● Raine Revere, Co-founder of Maiden and former Lead Architect ShapeShift Prism ● Navroop Sahdev, Center for Blockchain Technologies ● Juliet Annerino, Founder ● Pamela Norton, Founder and CEO of Borsetta ● Emily, CMO of ShapeShift ● Kristen Ragusin, SVP & Wealth Management Advisor Merrill Lynch ● Yev Muchnik, EsqLegal & Nomos ● Mila Popovich, Global Chair GWB, Chair World Academy of Arts & Science