Gold Testing Machine

Various types of gold tester are available

There are a variety of gold testers on the market today, but the most commonly used is three electrons. The quality of the three-electron gold tester is a digital device that has built-in microprocessors that can be determined in one step. The process involves squeezing a drop of gel from the probe onto the metal and obtaining a reading on the digital display, which provides results on the karats and the percentage of gold. These electronic testers are warranted and guaranteed to provide high quality and effective results. They are the easiest way to test gold and the way the novel is a simple one-step approach. They are ideal for amateurs and professionals and want to get results in clear and good user-friendly ways.

Gold Testing Machine - DX-120K

Acid Test Suite

Acid testing is the traditional and extensive means of verification that has been used internationally for many years. The complete kit comes with a set of needles for different types of gold design. Traditionally, there is a test stone that verifies the quality and percentage of the metal. Using color-coded squeeze bottles and detailed instructions, the results will effectively and effectively determine the legality and accuracy of the percentage of gold in the metal.

2. Portable Tester

For those who seek portable and reliable gold test source, can produce instantaneous results of the user, these portable testers is the ideal choice. They use ecologically safe liquids that can test platinum and gold and determine their percentages. On average, a bottle of these portable gold test units will provide about 400 tests. They are accompanied by a warranty certificate, guaranteed to provide the ideal result without any errors.

3. Exquisite testers

Precious metals and exquisite gold products require formal and timely care. Rough processing with the wrong material to test the quality of gold may make them useless, or damage them to the extent that they can not be repaired. Therefore, fine testers can be taken with perfect care to treat these metals without damaging their surface bodies. While they may be an expensive option, many professional gold lovers, jewelery and antique dealers think it is a great investment to get accurate and statistical results.