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How Can a Job Consultancy Help to Get a Dream Job in China?

China, the country of the highest population welcomes hundreds of people for excellent teaching job vacancies each and every year. It is unfortunate that China has a few people who can properly speak and write this language. But learning this language is essential as English is the lingua franca. The entire official works and business works get done by using this language over the entire world. Moreover, people from all over the world communicate with each other through this language. Therefore, it becomes essential for the Chinese to learn this language. For this reason, there is a huge demand of this job in this country.

Since English teaching in china is quite prospective, there is a golden opportunity for you. It is quite natural that the entire process of finding a teaching job and moving in the country is not so smooth for the foreigners. Luckily, there are some agencies that may help you in this respect. These companies actually act like a bridge that aims to connect the employees to the Chinese schools where they can get the job. These companies can act as a helping hand of yours.

Let’s find out what are the incredible services that such companies can provide you:

• These agencies offer airport pick up facilities to the employees.

• During the first two days of your stay in China, they will provide you free accommodation facility.

• You will be assisted in any visa related problem.

• Another outstanding service that you may get from them is that free training will be provided to you and during the training period you will be paid.

• Health and accident insurance will be there for you.

In this way, teaching ESL in china will be more enjoyable for you if you take the assistance from such companies.

Criteria for Hiring Employees

The schools of China offer an incredible job opportunity to the employees. But you should keep in mind that you need to be fit in this eligibility criterion that includes:

1) The candidate should hold a graduation degree.

2) They must be native English speakers.

3) The employees should have teaching experience of minimum 2 years.

If you are fit for this job, you may go for it.

Working Process of These Agencies

The entire procedure of hiring an employee is performed by following four steps. These steps are:

Step1: in the first step a Skype conversation takes place in which the companies get to know the expectations of the employees.

Step2: After that, the employee is introduced to the school and an interview takes place.

Step3: if you are selected for ESL teaching job, a contract is sent to you.

Step4: This is the final step where Visa will be arranged for you and all the paper related issues get solved.

In China, the ESL teaching job is abandoned. But if you contact with the renowned companies, they will help you in finding out the most suitable jobs.