Guest Post: Top 7 Tips for Promoting your Content with Social Media Network

Nowadays, almost every blogger understands the importance of publishing quality content on multiple platforms. Bloggers like me, guest blog as often as possible, publish articles, create Squidoo lenses, Hubpages and almost every blogger has a few key blogs. In this post, I have come up with a list of important tips that help you promote your content with social media.

Start with Famous Social Networks

Start publishing your content on Facebook so that people can immediately view your post. You can easily communicate with your fans on this platform. Regularly posting links on Facebook fan page will make people to click through and they are more likely follow you.

Build a Strong Profile

Creating a strong profile and linking to all your websites or blogs will let people know you all over the web. Promoting and socializing your content on Facebook is a worthwhile choice to make it visible. Building a comprehensive profile and adding your profile description will make people recognize you.

Create an Index Page for Your All Content

If you have a lot of articles that are published over the web, it will be a good idea to make an index page so that you have a main point for traffic. You may create a page on any of your blogs that contains a link of every article or blog post you have written so far. Now promote that link all the time with everything else you promote.

Use Twitter

I must say that using Twitter is an excellent way to promote your business on social media. To get the most out of your Twitter profile, start using that draws content from all your blogs using RSS feeds. Through this site, your tweets automatically post on your Twitter account so that your followers read them. In fact, you can use multiple Twitter accounts to send automated content to your Twitter account.

Connect with Other Bloggers

If you are a guest blogger and frequently appear on different sites, then I’m sure you already have a strong connection with different bloggers. Now, connect in your social networks and start sharing content of different bloggers. The more bloggers you hook up, the more strongly you reach into World Wide Web.

Go More Social

One of the big reasons to use larger social networking websites is because it encourages users to share your content. When readers see that Twitter button showing hundreds of re tweets they will not only read the article but share it too. Unlike larger social networks, smaller ones will not give you such big numbers that readers find so tempting.

StumbleUpon Should Not Be Overlooked

StumbleUpon is one the most famous social networks where users mostly share other content. However, if you already have a lot of guest posts, it is not necessary to promote your own blog posts. You can promote the blog you have guested on. Plus, if you are blogging on different blogs, then you can share the content of these blogs on StumbleUpon.

Author Bio:

Gorav Hira is a professional SEO content writer, blogger and webmaster of DelhiCourses providing Digital Marketing Course in Delhi.