GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology

FACT SHEET: GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology 

New GORE-TEX®stretch fabric improves mobility, performance in one of the most significant advances in waterproof-breathable apparel in years. 


Mobility is paramount in any outdoor activity – whether it’s hiking, skiing, climbing, running or cycling. Offering one of the most significant advances in waterproof-breathable technology in years, W.L. Gore & Associates in 2018 will unveil GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology, an entirely new approach to creating better range of motion in weather-protective apparel. 


·      GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology allows for a range of motion that was previously impossible in a waterproof fabric. The technology can deliver a low barrier of stretch and high elasticity without compromising the durable waterproof performance. That means, if correctly placed in the garment in areas that are beneficial for the target user, it will allow for a more effectively range of movement, leading to a better fit. This is a major benefit to weather protective garments that has not been previously addressed.


·      To date, waterproof fabric stretch has been limited by how much the outer fabric and waterproof membrane combination itself can stretch mechanically. In order to yield more stretch, Gore took an entirely different approach to the way stretch is created in a waterproof fabric. 

·      Unlike waterproof fabrics that offer limited amounts of mechanical stretch by virtue of their basic materials composition, GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology employs a three-dimensional, topographic structure with built-in elastic properties. This three-dimensional structure is a key component in enabling the fabric’s unique stretch properties. 

·      GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology is most commonly used by mapping it into select areas of garments where particular benefits are desired and where stretch is key, such as elbows, upper back and side panels of a jacket, or the lower back, knees and crotch gusset of pants. 


·      Thanks to better mobility, apparel is able to be built truer to a wearers’ size, yet still accommodate having insulation layers added underneath. The stretch panels – and the low force needed to stretch them – allow for different amounts of clothing to be worn beneath an outer shell without the garment feeling restrictive or impeding freedom of movement. 

·      Whether worn over an insulation layer or over a single base layer, GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology now has the ability to offer the performance benefits of both garment types in one garment. The outcome is the potential for a single garment that can appear both fitted and can accommodate thermal layering, resulting in an overall, more true to size fit.

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Gore Fabrics Division revolutionized the outerwear industry with waterproof, breathable 

GORE-TEX® fabric 40 years ago and remains a leading innovator of performance apparel. Gore fabrics products provide comfort and protection in challenging environments and in everyday life, enabling wearers to safely and confidently achieve and experience more. From hiking in downpours to military operations and fighting fires, Gore’s deep understanding of consumer and industry needs drives development of products with meaningful performance advantages.



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