Special Strides Fundraising Efforts Finally Pay off 

Special Strides for many years has been hosting large events for fundraising. While their donations have been very good, and attendance has been quite large this year they decided to go in a new direction. They would partner with several businesses , and create their largest most profitable event yet. 

To do this this event Special Strides partnered with 30 business in the Tri-State area. First they would set up an event that each business would be allowed to have a booth at.  Each company would promote this event through their social media and through their day to day operations. 

This event would be catered by the township of Marlboro's fire department, who would voluntarily cook food for attendees, and would be run by staff and volunteers of Special Strides. The actual event would be similar to previous years in which the main event would be a horse show showcasing what they students of Special Strides have accomplished. 

So how did this non-profit raise over 30,000 dollars in one day? They did this through an extensive social media campaign, promoted not only by them but their partners as well. Each partner would offer discounts on their products for donations over a certain amount and encouraged their clients to attend the event. Finally they would live stream the event and set up donations on the stream. This to would be promoted on social media and all together out of the 30,000 raised 8,0000 was raised on the live stream. 

To find out more about Special Strides their Facebook, Twitter, and website are linked below as well as a link to a list of participating businesses. 

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