Gramlee APA Editors Provide Copy Editing, Grammar Check, and Proofreading Services Just in 24 Hours!

Gramlee editors that adhere to the widely accepted APA style guidelines provide quality copy editing services on time. Our Professional APA editors ensure a comprehensive Table of Content, appropriate heading levels, proper section breaks, and quality text, that require correct spelling, word choice, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure to enhance accuracy in addition, readability of a copy.

Gramlee follows an effective process right from the beginning. Upon receiving a copy or dissertation, APA editors carefully go through it to understand and learn the writing style of the author to determine the required types of edits, time, and cost. As every author has a reason to write in a specific manner or style, APA editors edit copies keeping the style and diction of the writer in mind. Therefore, writing style of different clients’ copies edited in Gramlee does not look alike. Having said that, Gramlee also provides substantive editing when an author wants help in writing. In such cases, as consultants and counselors, APA Editors take the freedom to rewrite major portions.
Within 48 hours, APA editors send a revised version of the first 10,000 words seeking feedback from the author. This helps adjust strategies just at the starting, if needed, to meet client requirement. As a process, track change (Track Changes feature in Microsoft Word) is kept on while editing so that the client can see the modification and comments. APA editors assist clients afterwards as well in case of any client query.

APA editors never compromise on quality to maximize profits. Gramlee has set a target of editing up to 10,000 words per day so that a quality final product reaches the client, making them proud of the copy.

Hiring Gramlee for editing can be a turning point for your success, as copy editing here focuses on the five Cs of writing:

1.    Clear
2.    Correct
3.    Concise
4.    Complete
5.    Consistent

Following the APA style guide religiously is a key factor to achieve all the five Cs that can definitely make any copy worth smooth and enjoyable reading. Amidst thousands of online editing services, Gramlee positions well only because of its quality work and on-time delivery. It leads the clients in a transparent process and clear communication.

Call to action: Gramlee refunds orders if it fails to satisfy clients.

When Gramlee declares refunding of orders if it fails to satisfy clients, it does not only show confidence but also honesty. Our APA editor will satisfy clients by applying a uniform style, avoiding plagiarism (by citing the source of each paraphrased idea, quote, table, or figure), and making the copy comprehensive at one go.

For more information on how the organization works, please visit Don't worry about grammar, punctuation, or making your copy professional. Gramlee provides you with all you expect from a professional and high-quality editing firm. Copy and paste your content into the fields on the home page. You will receive the revised text in your inbox just after a few hours!

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