Motion Control Market Outlook 2020-2025

What is a Motion Control?

Motion control is an engineering technology that spans a wide range of industries. Motion control systems are found as part of our everyday lives. From automated assembly lines to robots designed to perform routine surgery, motion control systems are a vital part of our society and technology practices today. Motion control technology is capable of precise speed, motions, and torque control that is not always possible with human hands.

Motion control market overview


The motion control market 2020 primarily consists of three major industries, from smallest to largest: robotics, machine tools, and material handling. The market is being driven by an increased demand for better industrial safety features and precision work while at the same time the demand for products of all types worldwide continues to grow. Enterprises such as the automotive, machinery, packing, and printing industries fall into this category. 

  Motion control system market and engineering

The motion control market outlook is closely linked with that of the engineering field. Motion control systems such as smart motors are designed by engineers with the goal of creating factories, workplaces, and devices that can run almost completely without supervision. While we’re not there yet, the motion-control market forecast looks promising. With the future seeming to be interconnected with innovative technology, the engineering field is likely to boom.

 Motion control market size

The motion control market size as of 2020 is quite large. The market comprises a variety of segments that range by type, technology, component, application, and can also be divided among regions. 

With the market already in the 18 billions and a CAGR of 5.7 percent which is projected to be at 7.75 percent in the next few years, it is evident that the importance or robotics is not slowing down.

Motion control market forecast

The motion control market outlook is very promising over the next five years. In fact, it is estimated to grow into the 20 billions within only the next two years (by 2022). As the medical industry booms, motion control systems will be further implemented into the medical care system with everything from bionic prosthetics to surgical robots. Additionally, as demand for better wages increases along with the complexity of new machinery, it is becoming more cost effective for industries to invest in the motion control market and technology.

Motion control games market report

The motion control market is not limited to just industrial, transportation, or  medical processes. Motion control also has a promising market outlook for the gaming industry. The gaming industry itself is expected to reach $106 billion by 2021. When combined with the positive motion control market outlook, this looks to be a promising investment opportunity. 

Market for motion control business

With the wide range of opportunities for motion control systems, getting into the motion control business will likely be a safe bet. As discussed, the motion control industry provides plentiful opportunities for unique development in everything from transportation systems and factories, to gaming and videography.

Advanced motion control market

The motion control market is a complex one in which each specific market can be further analyzed for future success and investing potential. If you are looking to continue your research consider looking into the following motion control markets:

  1. Automotive 
  2. Aerospace
  3. Medical
  4. Electronics
  5. Printing
  6. Textiles
  7. Food and beverage

Top motion controller manufacturers

Elmo Motion Control: A leading motion control manufacturer, ElmoMC provides breakthrough solutions with unparalleled performance for all motion control automation needs. Elmo Motion Control can help with everything from spotless in-flight wifi system design to advanced precision 3D printing.

Siemens AG: Siemens AG has ranked with Forbes Fortune 500 as the most admired company for their work in the motion control industry. From automated smart workplaces being developed around the country to systems for optimal safety in machine driven factories, Siemens AG is there to help.

Rockwell Automation: Rockwell Automation works to develop integrated smart technology for an interconnected workspace. From smart technology software development to servo drives with multi axis performance pieces, Rockwell Automation can help you fully integrate.

ACS Motion Control: With solutions for laser processing, electronic assembly and even bio medical technologies, ACS Motion Control has intelligent and economic products that are suitable for many industries. 

AeroTech: AeroTech’s new hardware featured fiber optic technology which means that your motion control products have a good chance of outlasting you! The company provides custom engineered solutions ideal for very unique needs.

Advanced Motion Controls: Advanced Motion Controls provides everything from automated warehouse vehicles to advanced medical motion controlled devices. Their motion control systems can help to create a more productive workplace.