VirtualPBX Review and the best alternatives

VirtualPBX greets you with the tagline, “only you’ll know you’re a startup” when you arrive at their site, indicating that like many similar services, their aim is to provide the appearance that your business is bigger than it really is. At first, VirtualPBX achieve this in spades, offering a series of fairly unique user features (including “agent wrap-up time” that allows phone operators an allotted amount of time to enter data or take breaks between calls) along with all the standard ones. One of their most unique features in “PBX Parachute” which serves as remote backup to your phone system in case of a disaster. Still, some persistent caveats, including a consistently poorly rated customer service and a tangible lack of any web-calling feature, plague this otherwise sleekly designed service.

Check what VirtualPBX has to say about their service:


  • Service Backup
  • Affordable
  • Auto-route by caller ID
  • Tons Of Unique Features


  • Frequent Reports on Disconnected Service
  • Frequent Reports On Bad Support


Many Reports On Disconnected Service VirtualPBX have been in the business as long as anyone, and users mostly report good voice clarity. Dropped calls and overloaded operator services have been cited as an ongoing problem, however, especially during busy periods of the year. Perhaps more troubling is the frequency with which reviewers have been confronted with unavailable or disconnected service, as well as various problems with VirtualPBX’s voicemail service. 


Tons Of Great Features. Perfect For Call Centers As far as features go, VirtualPBX covers all the requisite bases and then some, with some fairly unique (but perhaps superfluous) features like “Voicemail Interrupt” - which lets you listen in as a voicemail is being recorded - and the quirky “music on hold jukebox” - which lets callers choose from 120 songs as they wait on hold. They also offer a series of features that help managers oversee call operators, which can be useful for businesses with multiple offices and call centers. Still, VirtualPBX loses out hugely for one main reason: they do not offer click-to-call or web dialing. In comparison to their competitors, this is a fairly distinct “con” amidst an otherwise full service, and makes video calling and conferencing (a popular feature on other virtual PBX services) next to impossible. 


Many Reports On Bad Support Good customer support is essential to any virtual phone service, but unfortunately has missed the mark in several ways in this context. Although they do offer some useful video tutorials on their website, their phone support service is not 24 hours (unlike the majority of their competitors), and according to many reviewers, their email support service is slow to respond. Worse, several reviewers and (former) users of have cited rude or unhelpful service. On the plus side, their support service is based in California. 


Complicated Pricing, Many Features Cost Extra VirtualPBX offers “office” or “anywhere” plans, the former designed to fit the needs of either small businesses and companies with multiple offices, and the latter of freelancers who need to take calls on the fly without seeming as if they’re talking from their local Starbucks.

From here, these two plans are sub-divided into a series of plans to suit the size of one’s business. For their “office” plans, four options are available, from a single line service starting at $33.99/month that includes 1000 toll-free minutes, out-bound fax pages, and conference call minutes each as well as all their basic features, to a 100+ line service starting at $19.99/month that offers the same number of minutes across the board. For their “anywhere” call-routing package, VirtualPBX offers three plans, from a $9.99 “startup” plan that includes 300 toll-free minutes, 10 out-bound fax pages, and 100 conference minutes, to a “premium” plan with 2000 toll-free minutes, 100 out-bound fax pages, and 500 conference minutes per month.

After their basic service costs, prices begin to mount. Prices for true-800 and vanity numbers are reasonably priced at a one-time $30, but other services do offer these for free, and overtime toll-free and conference minutes as well as extra fax pages are more expensive than most services. Call recording is also offered as an add-on, at 1 cent/minute or $19.99/month unlimited. Finally, although a free VoIP phone comes included with all plans, it costs $4.99/month in service fees, and ranges from 3.6 to 3.8 cents/minute for call time – much more expensive than other services like RingCentral.

VirtualPBX wins points for their free VoIP phone with every package and their thorough descriptions of services on their website, which offer plenty of comparisons and useful tables to understand which plan is right for you, but loses points for its copious add-on costs that tend to be pricier than competitors.