4 SEO Tips To Help Launch Your Website

Are you struggling to get your SEO campaign off the ground with your new website? Don't know how to optimize your website, so it launches to great success? With these four tips below, you can get off to a positive start with your new website.


1 - Understand Your Audience To Maximize Your Keyword Research

Never assume that you know what your customers want. What one customer base might feel and think about your product or service is different from another. Your job is to reach them on a simple level through your keywords.


While you might understand your industry jargon, not all your customers will. They will recognize it as different words or phrases. This is where researching and understanding your audience is essential. By conducting an in-depth keyword research process, you will be able to gain an understanding of the words and phrases that consumers use to search for your products or services.


Only once you have gained the insights to your customers can you begin to construct your SEO campaign with the keywords as your foundation.


2 - Learn About Your Competitors

Researching your competitors is essential for determining how you can differentiate your SEO campaign from theirs. Remember, you are competing for the same keywords and searches, so you have to see what is making them rank higher than you.


Consider the following:

●    What are they doing well?

●    How do they structure their site for optimization and valuable keywords?

●    How are they building links, and ar those links valuable?

●    Are there specific call-to-action features that they're using to engage your audience?


By developing a full understanding of how your competitors operate, you will be able to focus on creating a campaign that can topple them.


3 - Plan Out Your Website In Great Detail

A poorly planned website can be detrimental to your SEO campaign.


Too many websites have either overloaded with header tags, content blurbs, and a mish-mash of photos and images. There is a lack of consistency, no call-to-actions, and worse, no proper place to implement SEO techniques.


But with an understanding of what your consumers want, as well as what is working for your competitors, you can begin to construct a site that delivers the results you want. Consider the following aspects when designing your website:


●    Structure of content

●    Navigation and menu

●    Showcasing selling points and benefits

●    Placement of headers and tags

●    Flow and interactivity


The longer you take to develop your website, the better it will be. And therefore, the better the optimization of your site.


4 - Optimize Your Website

Now, its time to optimize your website with SEO. Here is how you can go about doing it:


●    Create service or product pages that are focused on your keywords. It will help push traffic towards specific pages on your website.

●    Optimize your homepage for your main keyword that you are targeting. Homepages are important as a launching point for your business and to tell your audience your story.

●    Make sure all your headers on your pages, such as Header 1, Header 2, and so forth, are optimized with the keyword.

●    Create original and unique content for all your pages, ensuring that the keyword for that particular page is cross-linked to redirect back to it. You should also include keywords for other services or products in your content and cross-link them to specific pages.

●    Don't forget to include your keywords in the title, meta and URL of each page.


Remember that SEO is a constantly changing beast and requires consistent adaptations. You will always have to on-top of your SEO to ensure that your rankings are high. But these four tips can help you get off to the right start.