SignNow: A Service to Meet All Your Needs

SignNow: A Service to Meet All Your Needs

Before evaluating the advantages of SignNow (which is the actual topic of this article), it would be useful to clarify some technical details and review the background of electronic signatures (or eSignatures). They are pretty similar to the usual autographs that you would use to sign a paper, but they are created using dedicated software and hardware means. To e-sign a document, you would need to utilize a specifically designed application. Mind that electronic signatures are legally binding in the US, which sets them as absolutely identical to physical autographs when it comes to validating the identity of the signer. 


It’s worth noting that digital signatures and electronic signatures are not the same things, although many people still confuse them. A digital signature must obtain a certificate of authentication from a government-authorized Certifying Agency to be considered legally binding. On the other hand, an eSignature is considered valid once placed, and it doesn’t need any confirming documents. 


Why Should Your Company Implement eSignatures Right Away?


Manual processing of papers is ineffective; it consumes a lot of time and effort, especially when it occurs between different departments of your company or multiple organizations. Tracking file records, ensuring that every document is filled out correctly, and transferring them from one place to another requires a significant input of money as well. Fortunately, all these issues (and many more as you will shortly see) can be resolved using simple yet very powerful software. 


So, what can electronic signatures actually do for your company? First and foremost, they save your time and time of your employees, thus opening more possibilities for innovation and creativity. Less manual labor means more effective workflows that help your business grow and adjust to the latest market trends. Besides, electronic signatures are cost-effective as they involve less paperwork and leave less space for mistakes and inaccuracies. The only thing left to do before implementing eSignatures in your company is to find the right software provider. 


Integrating eSignatures into Your Daily Operations with SignNow


Despite their incredible potential, eSignatures from SignNow are very simple to use. You don’t need any previous tech experience to run the app once it is installed, and the installation process itself is easy as well. Your IT team can set everything up in around half an hour. What are the reasons of such a simple installation? Well, there is a whole bunch of aspects:


  •  SignNow provides detailed guides for developers. The company’s guidelines include all popular programming languages for apps and websites; so, you will definitely find something suitable for your particular case. 


  •  SignNow doesn’t require users to contact the sales representatives to start testing their system. The API that powers SignNow’s software is available to anyone after a fast registration. All you need to do to access the code is sign up on the official website and type in your email address. No personal data or credit card information is required. 


  •  SignNow provides a vast library of fillable forms right on its website; so, you can save your time and download the pre-arranged samples instead of making them yourself. This option allows you to make maximum use of the software from the get-go. 


Integration Matters 


SignNow’s software can be easily integrated into any application or website on any given platform. The company has ensured that its app would run perfectly on mobile devices; so, you can always stay connected and keep an eye on important documents. Besides, SignNow’s solution can be integrated into most modern CRMs and office applications, making eSignatures deeply embedded into the daily operations of your organization. This feature is praised by users from all over the world as you can see on this Trustpilot page:


Enhance Cooperation between the Branches of Your Firm


As mentioned earlier, any eSignature software allows you to make employees’ work more effective. However, SignNow’s solution has even more benefits. The company recognizes the importance of cooperation; so, it has introduced an advanced team system that allows managers to distribute tasks more efficiently. With SignNow, you can assign documents to certain pre-arranged groups of employees or even particular workers if such need arises. You can also manage work within groups through setting the roles and choosing the team’s manager. And don’t forget that all these features are available on both mobile devices and desktops, and you can always monitor and control your company’s operations. 


Share and Collect Easily


SignNow’s software allows users to share documents with any person they consider necessary via an in-built workspace or third-party software such as GSuite or Salesforce. Fillable forms can be sent via email as well or copied and saved into PDFs if there is the need to print something out. Besides, users can request signed documents to be sent back to them by sending a bulk notification to the recipient. SignNow’s solution also allows users to digitalize payment collection since with it, you can receive invoices and contracts filled out and signed automatically through software means. This feature was noted by the Gartner community, which has highly rated SignNow’s app. Consider checking out more reviews on


SignNow’s Approach to Safety


The company strictly follows all safety standards and regulations needed to protect customers’ data. It is fully compliant with the SOC, GDPR, PCI DSS, and 21 CFR Part 11 certifications’ requirements. For safety and 24/7 availability, the company stores all files using near real-time replication technology. It also saves each document’s history, including all changes and the names of persons who made them for 7 years.