Vladimir Cizelj and VLATACOM Help Build Smart Cities

Due to the constant growth in population, the rate of urbanization is increasing and governments are looking for solutions that would help support such development.

One such solution that can tackle all the challenges that urbanization poses is the concept of smart cities. Basically, this ICT framework uses the latest technology to monitor, manage, and optimize public services, infrastructure, and utilities.

As one of the innovators in this field, Vladimir Cizelj, PhD, has developed many bespoke smart city solutions so far. 

Smart cities and their benefits

Smart cities rely on technology, particularly information and communications technology, to create such infrastructure that is able to handle a wide range of issues caused by urbanization. They use an intricately developed network of services, objects, and machines to safely exchange data. This data is then analyzed in order to improve the city’s services, infrastructure, public safety, and quality of life.

The benefits of such a system are numerous. First of all, the technologically advanced infrastructure of smart cities enables monitoring of various aspects of everyday life that are in connection with the safety of the citizens. For instance, public transportation is closely monitored via surveillance cameras and traffic management systems. This results in traffic management and traffic violation response in real-time, which enhances public safety. Also, smart cities are known for their smart crime technology which uses surveillance cameras to assist the police in identifying the individuals who are breaking the law. This helps law enforcement operate more efficiently and reduces the number of crimes in a city.

Moreover, smart cities are known to facilitate communication between the local authorities and citizens - citizens have more opportunities to initiate a change or propose an idea directly to the officials, which enables solving many burning issues, such as trash collection, air pollution, transport, education, work-related problems, and so on. 

VLATACOM Smart City concept


Founded by Vladimir Cizelj, VLATACOM is the leader in offering the most advanced ICT solutions in Serbia. The institute aims to develop sophisticated ICT technology solutions that can be used to create top-notch security infrastructure essential for smart cities. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, they managed to provide a multi-layered smart city concept that brings considerable benefits to different spheres of society.

Vlatacom’s very own platform called ORAO (Observe Recognize Analyze Operate) represents a multifunctional and completely scalable solution that uses only those practices that are proven to be very efficient in creating a sustainable urban area. The platform integrates different peripheral sensors, public and private information systems, and third-party applications in order to gather, manage, and analyze data. In terms of security, ORAO provides intelligent video surveillance, face recognition, early warning system, and incidental management. When it comes to traffic, this platform is used for detecting congestion zones, parking spots, and speeding, as well as providing intersection intelligence and plate recognition services.

Vlatacom’s Traffic Management system operates based on the integration of traffic peripheral sensors and enables Command Control Centers to manage traffic lights and traffic light malfunctions, as well as to control special transport vehicles. Moreover, Vlatacom’s Intelligent Traffic Management Services facilitate public transportation by identifying the quickest route to a particular destination, notifying the user about traffic congestion, accidents, or blocked roads, providing the exact time until the desired destination is reached, and identifying traffic pollution.

About the institute and its founder, Vladimir Cizelj

Vladimir Cizelj is a technology provider, innovator, and academician who was determined to leverage state-of-the-art technologies in order to improve national security. And that’s exactly what he did.

As a distinguished scientist and engineer who is at the same time a visionary at heart, Vladimir Cizelj established VLATACOM in 1997. Even though it started as a small company, it wasn’t long after VLATACOM got recognized as the first privately owned Serbian R&D institute that delivers highly-effective ICT solutions.

Today, the institute is considered to be the leading manufacturer and system integrator in the field of ICT security. Known for their many contributions to the cybersecurity and economy, Vladimir Cizelj and his team of experts are on their way to transform the digital world as we know it.

To conclude

As cities and urban areas continue to expand, the technology that is behind smart cities continues to develop as well.

Solutions offered by innovators such as Vladimir Cizelj enable governments to create a hub where they can monitor, analyze, and manage the entire infrastructure and public services, as well as communicate directly with the citizens.

Only by adopting such a practice will the local authorities be able to tackle all the challenges rapid urbanization brings.