We Want You for HotTelecom

We Want You for HotTelecom

Imagine a situation: you have an online store, and only one number is available for communication. It makes customers wait or go shopping where the e-commerce department is in touch at any time. Or you need to take a business call, but you are out of the office or even abroad. What should you do? In all these situations, the Hottelecom service is really useful.

Why Is It Profitable to Use HotTelecom Services?

HotTelecom is a virtual telephony service, and the whole range of the company's services can be divided into two main areas:


1. Temporary mobile numbers

The provision of temporary mobile numbers is useful for registering on foreign online resources and accessing certain services that require you to be a resident of a certain country. It happens with registration in foreign payment systems, social networks, streaming services, freelance sites.


2. Virtual mobile number


Advantages for business:


  • Receive or make several calls at the same time; communicate on any gadget connected to the system.
  • Get full access to call statistics and phone records. 
  • Improve the quality of customer service easily.


A personal virtual mobile number also provides a lot of benefits:


  • The ability to communicate profitably while traveling abroad.
  • Stable connection wherever there is high-quality Internet.
  • No need to buy and install a separate physical SIM card in your phone.


Remember that you pay only for the time that you actually use the virtual number.

How to Become a HotTelecom Subscriber?

Begin with a registration on the HotTelecom website to become a subscriber of the company and use a temporary or permanent virtual mobile number. 

You can also immediately click the Buy a number button. Select the purpose of the purchase (for calls, voice or text messages, or all options together) and specify the country.


If you are still not registered, you can log in using a Google account or go through an advanced registration form. After registration, you will get access to your account, where you can top up your balance in any convenient way, select the desired tariff, and enjoy a new level of communication.