Green PolkaDot Box

Green PolkaDot Box Offers Investors Ground Floor Opportunity 

Accredited Investors can Invest $2,000 or More into Rapidly Growing Organic and CLEAN food Movement

Green PolkaDot Box has launched their new investment site at

The Opportunity

The last decade has seen significant growth of the organic food industry. Organic product sales increased to $43 billion in 2015, an increase of $4.2 billion over 2014. Organic products have seen double digit growth over the last decade while the overall food market has seen growth of only 3 percent.

However, there are problems in the organic foods and products industry, which Green PolkaDot Box is endeavoring to resolve:

1.    The high cost and limited availability of organic food – Green PolkaDot Box has developed the infrastructure to solve this problem and lower the price of organic foods by as much as 66%.

2.    The proliferation of GMO contaminated foods that pervade over 70% of the food supply. With a lower cost and greater supply, Green PolkaDot Box will provide substantially greater availability of CLEAN food for consumption.

Investing for the Good

Do you have a deep sense of social responsibility to invest your wealth for the betterment of mankind?

Do you share our concern that our children and grandchildren have to grow up eating toxic herbicides and pesticides every day because CLEAN foods are unaffordable?

Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB) has a disruptive business model that is powerful enough break up the monopolies of GMO food production and distribution. With every dollar you invest you hasten the day when CLEAN foods are within reach of all adults and children who want a healthy dietary lifestyle.

Invest for the Return

GPDB is a "first mover" with a new digital platform designed for acquiring millions of customers and achieving massive scale; cutting out the middleman, sourcing CLEAN foods from producers, and delivering direct-to-consumers at huge price discounts.

GPDB plans to lead a giant consumer shift for affordable, CLEAN food consumption — a new, emerging $550 billion dollar marketplace.

Investors can position themselves to capture unprecedented returns that early stage investing in the next online giant can generate. Invest in Green PolkaDot Box a "First Mover" and major "Disruptor" in the CLEAN Food Marketplace.

About GPDB: Green PolkaDot Box® is America’s “first mover” online U.S. distributor of CLEAN foods—direct to consumer—through a disruptive Health Merchantnetwork comprised of hundreds of market influencers that reach over 45-million consumers.  Visit for additional Investor information.

For additional information contact CEO Rod Smith at (801) 478-2500, ext. 1000 or write to:

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