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How to do Social Network Marketing successfully in your online business?

Doing Social Media Marketing is a big challenge, but the payoff is great. We have at our disposal endless channels, so we must pay attention to the action plan we are going to implement in order to have the greatest impact on our audience.

Let's not forget that each channel is different, so the creative element must vary between one and the other.

I'm sure you've already started and as you have more and more followers the mechanics will become more interesting. That's why we want to share this little guide so you can plan your next advertising and marketing strategy in Social Networks.

How to do social media marketing successfully?

Working Advertising on Facebook with Facebook Ads

Facebook offers different ad formats that you can use depending on your goals. You can do from a marketing campaign in social networks very simple, to a very complete.

If you really want to increase your traffic, remember that Facebook is still the most used social networking platform in the world. However. Does your audience use this network?

Domain Announcements

For companies that do not have a Facebook page Specializing in to and do not want their message appears on the news section, they can focus on running your audience directly to your website through an ad domain.

Look for an attractive headline and use a brief description with the website URL to attract the leads you need.

Ads with Link

These are ads in the news section that present a wide and striking image to capture the attention of the user. After you post the ad, you can evaluate the text of the post and the description of the link.

As part of your commitment, you should review the comments and respond to them as soon as possible.


It is a kind of perfect for those who want ad promoting multiple product s your store through a single ad.

These ads are available in the news section, similar to linked ads. The difference is in the number of links (up to 5 maximum) that can be presented at the same time.


This is an intuitive and interesting way to show your products across the screen of a mobile device. It keeps users in the Facebook interface (without external links) and allows them to scroll through a carousel of images, zoom in, tilt them in different directions, etc.

Like Ads

Through a visible call to action you can have users click on "Like" on your page.

This is a good choice for small businesses that want to do social media marketing because they can use an ad with a striking image to generate more clicks and make their messages reach more people.


To create an offer ad, Facebook requires you to have a minimum of 50 "likes" on your page. If you have them, this can be a good advertising strategy on Facebook to attract users.


To connect with your existing audience and create new customers, invite people to your upcoming events by telling them about the place, date, and time.

Most of the local brands apply this trick and it works for them, it is one of the actions of marketing in social networks and in Facebook that works best. You can also limit the geographic reach of the ad.

Potential customers

Facebook has provided the facility to generate leads directly from the platform through lead generation ads. You can capture the user's interest in your products and services and guide them through the sales process.

A prospect is generated when users already have some interest in your product or service. That is why companies have to work and gather information about their potential customers and get them interested.

How to do it? Start by asking them about their tastes and needs. You can create an online survey and get the feedback you are looking for and get data to make better decisions.

Once an initial link is created, leads can be converted into a customer. Usually, they will click on the call to action to fill out a form that already contains their personal information, which can be reviewed and edited.