Hair Harmony and You

Is it normal for a hair transplant to grow in thick and then become thinner a few months later

Hair transplant involves relocating existing hair from the donor area (usually the back of your head) to the recipient bald area (usually the sides and crown). Transplanted hairs usually retain the original characteristics of their donor in terms of thickness, color and texture. Like any other hair, over your lifetime hairs tend to thin out slightly. Since the donor hair go through this thinning process over time, the transplanted hair also become finer or thinner eventually. This is quite natural and there is nothing wrong with the transplantation procedure to blame the thickness of the transplanted hair. Initially since the donor hairs are thick, even the transplanted hairs grow out to be nice and thick. Hair thinning is as much of a problem of native hairs as that of transplanted hairs. There is no escaping that. Since transplanted hairs are surgically planted, their thinning seems more alarming than their donor`s.

Transplantation is a permanent process and a successful procedure needs no touch up in future (if maintained and cared for properly). The transplanted hair also mimics a normal hair growth, shed and re growth cycle post their grafting. After the transplanted hairs have gone through their share of dormant and active phases, the hairs will last forever in your scalp. This hair will also slowly lose a little amount of its density over time, just like the non-implanted hairs do. If you use drugs like Finasteride and Minoxidil topically on a regular basis, the hair will remain long standing, healthy and thick. These drugs prevent hair fall and increase the strength of the follicles also. 

Thinning of hair after a few months of transplantation may also be a sign of shock loss. Usually the transplanted hairs will shed and re grow in this period. Re growth is not a problem, even if your hair falls after thinning down considerably. This is a common occurrence in a lot of patients and there is nothing to worry about.

Another factor that is important after getting a transplantation done is patience. The wait period for thick and full growth of transplanted hair varies from person to person and one has to wait. Be patient and it will be fruitful in the form of new hair growth. Post a year after the hair transplant, all the follicles that are grafted will mostly be cycling through their respective growth process, and permanent hair growth will be seen in the transplanted areas. So, if you are concerned about thinning transplanted hair after two months of the surgery, don`t bother since the waiting period just began and it is a long journey from here.

Technically, a hair transplant surgery should last even after their neighboring native hairs thin out and fall with time. That is the whole point of transplanting hairs with the help of tools and scalpels, so that they out run the life of their native counterparts. For more details you can visit