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Safety Tips When Brushing Your Hair Extensions

Brushing your hair extension is essential to retain its quality. In most common scenarios, you may be reluctant to brush the hair extension several times in a day. Therefore, it becomes crucial to learn the proper process to brush the extensions to avoid any type of harmful consequences.

A suitable brush is essential

Brushing a hair extension may not be a simple task although it may sound so. There is always the risk of knotting, tangling, or breakage of hair when the bonds hold a section of strand together. Also, irregular brushing can be cause the extension can make the extension brittle and dry, thus affecting the quality severely.

Brushing every morning

Brushing your hair every morning after waking up, is very important. If you are wearing a hair extension, there are special kind of brushing tools available to carry out the process. Brushing the extension not only helps in taming the mid-lengths to the ends but also keeps the bonds and roots detangled. Using a proper hair extension brush will prevent the bristles from getting stuck. It will also prevent the bonds from getting disturbed.

Tying the hair at night time

Before going to bed at night, it is better to tie your hair without keeping it tangled. However, a thorough brushing would be required at the morning. If you prefer long hair extensions, it is better to opt for a braided style during the night, while going to bed. It is the perfect style to let your hair remain out of the way. Also, it is easier to deconstruct the hair during morning, after waking up. Securing the hair extension in brad allows the hair to remain tidy and nice. It also ensures better protection for your extension while you are sleeping. 

Brushing the extensions before washing

This is definitely one of the best hair extension aftercare tips to follow. Before washing the hair extension, brush it properly. Such a practice prevents the hair follicles from getting tangled while you are washing the extension. So naturally, it becomes easy enough to style the hair after washing, while still being wet. 

Brushing the extensions after washing

When your hair extension is wet (post the washing part), it must be brushed in a gentle manner. While being wet, the hair follicles are in their weakest stage. Being too hard with the brushing may result in breakage. Therefore, you must be patient enough and brush the wet hair extension in a gentle and soft pattern. There is no need for a separate brush; the one you purchased for brushing the hair extension would be sufficient. Use the brush and work slowly all the way from tip of the hair to the roots. Try to detangle in the slowest manner possible. Brushing the other way round can tighten the tangles and make them difficult enough to remove. Henceforth, it is advisable to brush from tip to the root to make the brushing safe and a much gentler procedure.

Essential brushing guidelines to follow

  • When looking for a brush, opt for a 100% genuine boar bristle based brush for brushing the extension. Such brushes are totally extension friendly and would glide smoothly over the attachment points while unraveling the knots in the gentlest manner possible.
  • It is not recommended to brush hair while its dripping wet. Remember, if you wash dripping wet hair, there can be some serious chance of breakage. If at all you want to brush, be extremely slow in approach while going through tangles and knots.
  • Never ever yank the extension brush through your hair. This could lead to hair breakage. It is best to address the knots by using your fingers to pull them apart.
  • Finally, it is better to brush the hair extension 2-3 times a day to ensure that the oil present in your scalp ca reach the extension ends to smoothen the hair follicles.

When looking for hair extensions, you can seek help from professional hair extensions specialists. They would definitely suggest the best hair extension according to your preference and facial structure. They will also suggest the best brush to use with the extension, while suggesting essential tips and guidelines regarding maintenance of the same.