How to Make Pin Straight Hair?

You may have seen most girls like you that have pin-straight hair that is glossy and full of motion, and you wondered how to get it. Read through this guideline and your problem will be solved. Pin-straight styles never go out of fashion but to get one; you will have to make use of the best materials that will give you what you want.

Steps to follow;

1. Start by wetting your hair and washing it with shampoo and conditioner or other moisturizing formulas. Using these moisturizers to condition your hair will help to protect your hair from heat damage. While using a conditioner, remember not to use the ones that has silicone or sulfate materials in them.

2. Thoroughly rinse out your hair with cold water after coming out from the shower to prevent the hair from frizzing up. This cold rinse will also help to close the hair shaft and produce a shiny finish to your hair when it dries.

3. With a dry towel, gently pat your hairs until it dries. Do not handle it roughly or gather it up to dry as this will cause static on your hair.

4. After you finished with the towel drying, comb out your hair. It is advisable not to use a brush on your wet hair so as to prevent hair breakage rather use a wide toothed comb so that you can easily detangle any tight knots.

5. You can then apply hair sprays or balm. Make sure that your rub the spray or balm properly so that it will reach to the roots of the hair. As this will help to protect the hair from damage from breakages or split-ends.

6. Then with the help of a round brush, blow dry your hair. Using your dryer, blow dry from the roots to the tips. It is advisable to use a blow dryer with a nozzle attachment as this will help to protect the hair from direct heat damage. It is better to use a drying serum to dry your hair rather than dying it naturally as this can cause the hair to go frizzy especially those that has natural straight hairs.

7. Sectionalize your hair in smaller partitions and proceed with the straightening process. Make sure to cut the hair in the size that your flat iron can carry along. Then straighten section after section until you have reached the last section.

8. You can then apply hair spray or spray laminator which can make your hair straighter for a long time. In-case you have a naturally dry hair, do not use hair spray hence hair sprays do not have moisture. Also, remember to spray at arm's length to prevent a sticky hair. It is advisable not to apply the hair spray directly on your hair rather spray it on a flat brush then use the flat brush to brush the hair thoroughly from the root to the tips.

9. You can even use a mayonnaise mask for your hair is also good but wash it off afterward to prevent your hair from smelling.