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How To Pick A Good Drone For Beginners

Drones are the advanced toys for big and small boys. You will find it in every boy’s wish list. Buying a new drone can be exciting but there are some basic anomalies involved in purchasing a great drone. It is advised to go through a good review about the drone you are interested in. The review should cover the features by actually handling the drone and compare it with other drones.

Build Quality & Design

Drone are prone to crash, so they are tested with intentional twists, knocks and shallow drops in order to measure its ability of survival. You must consider the build quality and its durability. If you feel the drone is looking fragile or if it doesn’t looks like surviving a crash landing on the ground then avoid buying such drone at the first place. In many cases, it has been found that kids often throw them when they are unable to fly it properly. Prefer to buy the one that can survive an intentional abuse as well. Secondly the design of the drone equally plays an important role when it comes to the balancing factor. There are four major kinds of drones - tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter and octocopter. All of them require different technique of handling. If you are a beginner you must start with a single propeller drone and gradually upgrade to higher versions.

Range, Flight & Autonomy

The flight time of a drone is a crucial factor that determines how long a drone can fly with a full battery charge. Drones go through many tests like checking the time and comparing it with others to measure how quickly a drone clears a distance of 100 yards which is then used to measure the maximum forward speed of drones in miles/hr. These tests are performed to calculate ascent and descent speeds. A two to three minutes flight time is considered good enough for an entry level drone. Additionally, the range of the flight is important to judge how far it can fly from the remote. The controls on the remote should be responsive to handle the drone for quick balancing and stability.

Charging & Battery Life

Depending upon the drone’s features it should be equipped with the battery. Once you completely drain the battery put it on full charge. This helps in measuring the recharge time of a drone. On full charge, launch the drone for a hover ride in the least favourable conditions to determine its exact flight time. Recharge once again and test in harsh conditions to re-evaluate the flight time.

Nowadays, top drones for beginners are also laced with features like GPS, camera, video recording etc. There are various factors to test various features. For camera recording one must capture as long as they can to determine the recording length. Try to record in dark and full sunlight to verify the color and capture quality. Then compare the recordings with other high end drones to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the camera.