HDR - Lander Office

Single Lane Traffic and Width Restriction on Moneta-Lysite Road Starting June 5th

Beginning June 5, 2017 construction will begin on a bridge rehabilitation project on the Moneta – Lysite Road. The project is funded by the 1% Optional Sales Tax and consists of the rehabilitation of an existing bridge (Structure EMM) near Lysite Wyoming.

The rehabilitation work includes removing delaminated concrete from the bridge deck and installing a silica fume overlay; removing and replacing bridge approach backfill; bearing device modification; adding reinforced concrete approach slabs; overlaying the asphalt roadway on both ends of the bridge; installing guardrail; replacing a culvert; and other related work.

The project will be completed in two phases, with one lane/half of the bridge being completed at a time. During the first phase, the project will require the need for a width restriction of 11’ on the travel lane past the construction activities. This will limit the ability of wide loads to travel through the work zone. While the width restriction is in effect, the Contractor will place traffic control signage on the State Highway near Moneta indicating that a width restriction is in effect for the Moneta - Lysite Road. Single lane traffic will be controlled with a temporary traffic signal system as well as other traffic control methods during construction. 

The Contractor, HDR, and Reiman Corp are coordinating with Conoco Phillips and operations at the Lost Wells Gas Plant as well as others in the area that may be affected by the width restriction and road work. However, we wanted to get the word out about the upcoming project because the Moneta - Lysite Road is so economically important to our County. For more information about the project, contact Fremont County Transportation Department Administrative Assistant Jill Johnson at 307-332-1038.