Why Choose the Califone 3068-av Headphones

When it comes down to prepare your classrooms as well as listening centre or even the libraries and you are absolutely feeling bored, listening to audio is just one great thing that you might always opt for. Opting for a headphone might just be the easy that that you are about to look forward to and make it count.

However it is important to consider the cost effectiveness of the headphones that you choose. To make the best purchase, you need to ask some questions to your mind such as the quality of the headphones, the overhead styles, the looks and the bass support that it extends. Well, when we see the Califone 3068-av Headphones, there is just one word which comes up and it is what you would be looking for.

Cost Effective:

Fortunately, the headphone is very cost effective and it a durable model to get. Though the model falls amongst one of the latest versions from the manufacturers, it is still a great choice for the people to buy. Many have already purchased this product and have come up with a review of being cost effective. Overall, the bass sound is good and being such a low price, people would jump over the product it grab it. Not only it is a very busy model to withstand the comings and goings of a busy environment, it also has some special features which bring in cases of various activities and applications.

Califone 3068-av Headphones Features:

Monochrome Sound

One of the most stunning features of the Califone 3068-av Headphones is to switch them for mono or stereo audio which makes it a wonderful environment to listen out to the music. If you are expecting a beautiful tune and also a wonderful collaboration of the music, you will definitely be mesmerized by this tune. The mono sound technology is very unique and it is very energetic while you are listening to drills. The headphones also solve out any audio issues that tend to occur with this mono sound technology.


The Califone 3068-av Headphones has dual plug sizes which makes sure that the headphones do get plugged out to multiple audio devices at one go. You can buy the second set of headphones for various activities. Having this additional feature will help the headphones to become prefect for multiple activities and also the best one to get while in an environment that requires quick changes in the activities. It has practically some of the best reviews to get with.

Ear cups:

Though the Califone 3068-av Headphones comes up with the Additional and replaceable ear cups, it is also made up of leather to reduce the ambient noise. This is just perfect for helping the students as well as the teachers to create a perfect listening experience. The voice supported is very clear and it helps a lot for the people to see. With the help of the different identical volume control, you can also adjust the settings of the product to make it much more effective.