The Best Medical Job Boards Online

The Best Medical Job Boards Online

There are a number of great medical job boards online nowadays, providing doctors and those in the medical area with the opportunity to get the right job for them.

These job boards are there to help and can be an immensely easy way to get your career underway without a huge amount of hassle. We often use for this task, however here are five more that are worth a look.

Medical Careers Global

This is the only international job search engine for medical careers on our list. Medical Careers Global is a worldwide portal connecting healthcare professionals around the world using one online platform. The search engine allows users to join for free. The cost for global recruiters is also minimal. Medical Careers Globals gives users the opportunity to search out jobs in area they may have never had access to before.

Medical Careers Global offers thousands of jobs around the world and provides contact information and profiles on more than 200 companies. These companies can be narrowed down using intuitive filters. Additionally, the website includes a user-friendly map. International career opportunities and easy to use career searches allow users to ascertain the job market in different locations around the world.

Medical Careers Global offers a subscription service for their bimonthly newsletter that features topics on things such as lifestyle and work as well as current open positions. This subscriptions service will keep users up to date on the latest news in the medical industry.

Health eCareers

Health eCareers offers one source for employment opportunities, news, career resources and information specific to each user's career path. Health eCareers includes a salary center that allows you to filter location preferences, specialties and more. It features a calculator and provides information on salary, experience and satisfaction stats one each career path.

Health eCareers users can subscribe to daily, bimonthly or monthly newsletters. The newsletters include information on a large number of topics including job-specific specialty news and other healthcare headlines. The job specific news will keep job seekers up to date on the latest information in their chosen medical field.

Health eCareers, which is similar to MedZilla (featured below), publishes advice to help job seekers secure a job in their chosen career. It contains articles with tips on how to get the most out of career fairs, how to land a great job during troubled times and how to increase your confidence.

Health eCareers features a network job search app that allows users to search for and apply for positions in the medical community and specialty branches across the country. The app allows job postings to be sorted based on the user's unique keywords, resulting in more individualized job listings.


MomMD is an online community, association and magazine specifically designed for women in the medical field. It contains unique information and resources for women. MomMD lists job opportunities for physicians, alternative medical practitioners and non-clinical positions in hospitals, private practices and specialty groups. It lists nationwide vacancies from hospitals, academic employers, individual physicians, recruitment firms and private practices.

Visitors can find the latest job market statistics on opportunities that are currently available and sort them based on the different specialties. Once a job seeker registers, they will have the opportunity to post their resume and sign up for job alerts. MomMD also offers a private messaging system that will allow users to interact with potential employers.

MomMD also features a career center with advice on career development and networking forums for professionals. The articles featured include how to balance career and family, how to overcome objections and much, much more. Women from across the country say MomMD is their go-to website for learning how to juggle their family and careers.


MedZilla was launched in 1994 to aid healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, science and medical professionals and employers. Its free job search engine allows users to seek out the best job opening and employers to post employment opportunities. The job search engine allows users to choose their specialty and search for jobs across the country.

Job seekers have the ability to create an account to search for jobs. MedZilla offers a number of unique job search tools that allow users to determine salary based on specialties or fields of study, create a personalized job agent that will notify the user when matches are posted. Finally, MedZilla will alert job seekers when their resume is viewed by a potential employer.

Clients can also pay to use My MedZilla. This allows them to track applicants and manage resumes. Additionally, the search agent generates accurate searches for each individual based on their requirements.

MedZilla also includes a section of articles that will help job seekers land their dream job. These articles include strategies on how to work with third party recruiters, the benefits of networking, resume writing tips and strategies for landing your next job.


This site was founded by a former healthcare recruiter. It offers an inside perspective on how medical job recruitment and employment works. It advertises itself as the largest job board network in the country. More than 1.5 million job listings at more than 90,000 facilities are posted. This job search engine provides medical personnel, nurses, physician and first responders with the tools they need to apply for their dream job in the location of their choosing. Additionally, it contains many links to job search websites for specialties within the healthcare community, including health information, therapists, pharmaceutical, advanced practice, technicians and nurses.

HealthJobsNationwide understands how important it is to network when searching for your dream job. Their specialized job search database is extensive. Additionally, job seekers can utilize the Medical Mingle, which is a free professional network. Medical Mingle allows users to support and interact with one another. What this means for the job seeker is an expansion of their job search efforts.