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Getting Ready for Hair Transplant

It is true what they say - better safe than sorry. It applies to anyone going in for a hair transplant procedure as well. Hair is such a vital part of a person's appearance, and a little carelessness can ruin the whole experience of getting a hair transplant or even worse, the results of the transplant can be botched. Therefore it is important to proceed with care and caution, and prepare well before you go in for the procedure.


It is important to understand that hair transplant is not just a littlenip and tuck, it is sophisticated procedure and should be done only after enough research, and byan experienced surgeon.


And whatever procedure you choose, whether Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), an equal amount of preparedness is necessary.


The first step is to obviously do thorough research on the procedure itself, the surgeon and the clinic that you have chosen, and go through the testimonials on the clinic’s site and if possible talk to patients who have gone through a similar procedure just like a clinic for hair transplant in Delhi does for other patients. There are also online groups and forums where you can talk to people going through hair fall or those who have undergone the procedure.


Secondly, set up a consultation. Consultation is a very important part of the hair transplant journey. This is when you can assess your surgeon and get them to answer all your queries. This is also when the surgeon will discuss the patient’s medical history and suggests the right kind of a procedure based on medical history and the kind of hair loss.


Once the consultation is done and you are preparing for the procedure, here are some precautions that must be taken before the actual surgery:


1. Kick the butt: People preparing for a hair restoration or hair transplant in India should stop smoking a few days before and after the surgery.


Smoking can hamper the process of healing or slow it down. Smoking too much can also restrict the supply of oxygen to the grafts, and after the procedure, the grafts need to settle into their new place and need as hospitable an environment as they can get. So it’s is best to not smoke a couple of days before or after the surgery atleast.


2. No drinking: Consumption of alcohol is not advisable a few days before or after the surgery either, as it might hamper the healing process as well. Ideally give it a week till the new grafts have settled in. Also since you will be administered local anaesthesia, and might need some painkillers after the surgery, it is best to not consume alcohol during that time.


3. Medication: Medicines like aspirin are anti-inflammatory and should not be taken atleast 10 days to two weeks before surgery. Blood thinners and anti-depressants are to be avoided as well. It’s best to seek your doctor for advice on all the medicines that you cannot take in the run up to the surgery.



4. Tests: Patients also need to get their blood sugar, blood pressure and ECG tests done before the surgery, and get the surgeon to see the results. People suffering any of these might not be fit to go to surgery.


Apart from these, massaging your hair a little everyday for a few weeks before the surgery can help soften the skin and increase blood circulation.


Most importantly follow the doctor’s advice on all the precautions and care regime, and get ready to have a head full of hair again.