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Testosterone Deficiency can Cause Serious Diseases

Common diseases like cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease and depression in men may be linked to a deficiency of the male hormone testosterone.


Today, the link between testosterone deficiency and diseases are relatively unknown in healthcare, therefore it is important that testosterone deficiency must be detected and treated when seeing the first symptoms.


Chief Jon Arl at the Skåne University Hospital in Sweden is one of those who have worked on the new guidelines for testosterone related diseases. “It is a fairly small subject, and there are few professionals who have been doing this. But this is something that applies to many men who seek medical care at different levels”, said Jon Arl.


Testosteronbrist - A lack of Testosterone


In recent years, awareness has grown about the lack of testosterone, or so called testosteronbrist in Sweden, can be connected to many different diseases. It is well established that depression may be due to low levels of the male hormone. But even among men with cardiovascular disease arthritis or type 2 diabetes for example, deficiency of testosterone is common too. There is a need for new and improved guidelines and studies so that more cases of testosterone deficiency is discovered.


“To make this simpler, better and safer for patients, we have tried to structure this in accordance with international guidelines too”, says Jon Arl.


Having low testosterone may also increase the risk of the so-called metabolic syndrome, which is a combination of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, abdominal obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Such factors may ultimately lead to heart disease and stroke, says Jon Arl.


Obesity can be a Sign of Low Testosterone


“Among males, testosterone levels are related to the different degrees of obesity, we see that regardless of age you lose the testosterone value if you gain weight and fat”, says Jon Arl.


Today between 10 000 and 15 000 men with low testosterone in Sweden are treated, but according to Jon Arl at least 60- 70 000 would actually need it!


According to him, the risks as far as we know today is small. The studies performed in Sweden have not been able to see any increased risk of prostate cancer, for example. (But you should not take male hormones if you already have prostate cancer.) There may be a perception among some men that there is a risk that the men should be aggressive and start fighting or become uncontrollable. But this belongs to the dustbin of history and are just myths.


Good to Know


● With low testosterone, it is also common with fatigue, weakness and irritability. Muscle mass decreases while the amount of fat increases, especially in the abdomen, which increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia. Sweating and breast development are other common symptoms.


● A simple blood test is available to answer the question if you have low testosterone levels or not. Talk to your doctor for more information if you believe you have too low levels of testosterone.