Top effective home remedies to get rid of hickeys

Hickeys, also known as love bite is a bruise-like mark, commonly appearances on the neck or arm. It can be caused by biting, sucking or kissing skin hardly that lead to bruising the small blood vessels and any red or purple marks on the skin.

Hickeys usually last for a week and can be treated using natural home remedies as other bruises like apply cold, alcohol… Now you will know how to remove a hickey by this article.

· Apply cold

Cold compress is one of the most effective way to deal with hickeys, it helps blood vessels to constrict so it prevents further broken and decreases bleeding and swelling. How to apply

§ Put some cubes of ice in a towel and cover them, gently apply it on your skin for 15-30 minutes, repeat 2 times daily for a few weeks until you notice the results. Remember not to put the ice directly on your skin.

§ In addition, you can cool the spoon by putting it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes, take it out and press over the bruise mark until no more cold sensation. Do this remedy twice per day in 2- 3 weeks.

· Rubbing with alcohol

After some hours sine you have gotten the hickey, you can rub alcohol in the affected areas and apply some moist cream. Cause of its antimicrobial and soothing effects, this remedy reduces the bruise quickly. How to use

§ Clean the bruise-mark with warm water then apply alcohol and rub it gently with top of your fingers or a cotton pad for 10- 15 minutes. After that, clean again and apply some moist cream to get rid of dry skin. Repeat it twice daily for a few weeks.

· Fresh aloe vera and cream

Aloe vera has great effects on the hickey which can improve healing and relieve susceptibility to pathogen at the affected area. It is one of the useful home remedies to get rid of hickey. How to use

 Clean the affected area and remove the gel from the fresh aloe vera or you can use aloe vera cream then apply it to the skin. Massage the skin lightly for a few minutes. Do it 3 times per day for 2 weeks.

· Peppermint oil

Peppermint with cooling effects on the skin helps reduce the hickeys and promotes vessels healing that are effective to treat hickeys. How to apply

Clean the skin with warm water and apply some peppermint oil or cream which has mint as major component, let it there for 15 minutes and repeat the process 2 time daily in a few days.

· Warm massage

Warm massage also has quickly effect to treat hickeys when you get it for a few days and for the light swelling and pain.

§ Make the towel wet with hot water and gently apply it on the skin, make it wet again whenever it cool down and repeat for 15 minutes. Do it several times in a day for several days until you notice change.

· Massage with finger

As the hickey gets old, you can massage it with top of your finger but remember not apply it with the the fresh and painful hickeys. Massage helps increase the blood flow to the area and reduce the pain and swelling as well. In addition, you can apply some almond essential to the skin and lightly massage using top of your finger for a few minutes. Do it twice daily in a few weeks until you get the results.

· vitamin C

vitamin C has great effects to enhance body’s immune system, inhibit the oxidize process in our body and support the healing so it is the great methods to cure a hickey. How to apply

consume extra food which are rich in vitamin C like oranges, lemons, tomatoes, spinach... in daily meal.

Other way is taking vitamin C supplements daily to help our bodies produce more collagen for body’s structure.

· Consume vitamin K

Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables like broccoli, borecole...its major roles in our bodies are preventing blood clots, removing bruise, burn, scar, stretch mark... and also enhancing skin healing, releasing pain and swelling as well.

Consume more food which is rich in vitamin K in daily meal or vitamin K supplements after consulting the doctor.