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Burton’s Queen’s Hospital Buys Gel Pillows to make Premature Babies more comfortable

Seeking the rising rate of premature babies and the need of providing them with all necessary arrangements, the ward of a hospital is welcoming gel pillows to offer the little munchkins full comfort ability and at the same time ensure proper molding of the skull.

The pillows are bought with the money that was raised for a charity from kind-hearted-fund –users. These specialist developmental pillows are helping many premature babies have better development in the neonatal ward at Burton's Queen's Hospital, in Belvedere Road.

As these babies are born before the due date, the chances of skull moulding in such babies are much higher than those who are delivered at the full term. They develop more flat heads problem. The gel pillows offer them better support and moulding and ensure that they are comfortable and maintain the perfectly round shape of their skull.

Flat Head Syndrome: Positional Plagiocephaly

The soft, malleable baby skull can easily take a flat shape, even with the mildest of the pressure. This condition is known as positional plagiocephaly. As per the SIDS guidelines, babies are supposed to sleep on their back; this is the primary reason of babies having more flat heads these days.

As per a report, one out of five children develops positional plagiocephaly in babies who are born full-term wherein premature babies have increased the tendency for the same. Though there are no concrete reasons to worry about the disorder, parents have a different approach towards positional plagiocephaly especially in the case of premature babies.

As per the authorities at Burton's Queen's Hospital, gel pillows are extra comfortable for pre-mature kids as it takes the shape of the baby’s skull and offers right pressure and support. It is now an essential component of pre-mature care at the hospital.

Mothers of premature baby welcome the move:

Mothers in the hospitals are confessing that they have experienced the change in the development of their premature babies ever since the pillows are replaced.

An elated mother claims, "It is amazing how something so simple can make these babies a bit more comfortable while they are fighting. It can make such a big difference.

"My son is a lot more comfortable since having one of the gel pillows and it gives the babies more rest because they settle quickly. Plus I think that they should do adult ones because they look amazing. The pillow stops their head getting squashed and being moulded."

The Hospital received 24 pillows three weeks ago which cost them around £200. The hospital plans to use the pillows till the premature baby turns 34 weeks old and the skull takes a proper shape.

The pillows can be used for pre-term baby, full-term baby or for babies who were born with extremely low birth weight.

The Live Good Inc pillows are available online for purchase. Seeing the increase of Flat Head Syndrome in the UK, gel pillows have become a must buy. You must make your baby sleep at his back while using this pillow to eliminate any external pressure on his/her head.