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HealthWay Provides New Postnatal Service

Mother Receive Care from the Program “Along Your Way”

HONG KONG Apr. 15, 2018 -- HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. is the first health care company taking care of postnatal issue. It launches a new program “Along your way” for providing postnatal care and postpartum check-ups to women.


With high demand of postnatal nannies, this program can potentially double the number of mothers for receiving professional care. The postnatal care helpers could provide thoughtful service to help body recovery and caring of newborn babies.


HealthWay commits to maintain the quality and profession of postnatal nannies by setting tight restrictions and offering qualified training. Nannies are divided into six levels based on their skills and experience. They have to satisfy all standard requirements and undergo various training sessions and assessments to attain the highest level. This measure allows HealthWay to raise the confidence of mothers. For more information, please visit “Along your way” program at


“This program will be very beneficial to women,” said J.D. Smith, director

of the Health Insurance Division of HealthWay Pharmacies, Inc. “All women will be

provided by postpartum check-ups and health advices.”


HealthWay understands the importance of taking care of the mental health of women in the postnatal period. This program provides one-month body checking and counselling for mothers with adjusting to new situation, ensuring the healthy status of body and focusing on the emotional well-being. With giving professional advices, it could help mothers to understand how to best take care of their health and child.

For more information, please visit the Family Health Service

of Department of Health at


“We will set up a support center for organizing postnatal care talks and childcare workshops for the mothers to attend,” said Sara McLean, director of sales of HeathWay Pharmacies, Inc. “This center could provide more information and knowledge of postnatal care to minimize the confusion of mothers.”


For the next several months, HealthWay will be working to hold different sharing talks and events to promote “Along your way” program to public. The “ask your pharmacist” program will be delayed by six months due to the launching of this new program. For more information, please contact Ms. Joanne Rogers, contracting officer at (200) 929 0744.

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