HealthWay Becomes YSEA First-Ever Prescription Service Supplier

HealthWay will benefit over 1 million members of YSEA


HONGKONG, Feb. 22, 2018 -- HealthWay will start the initial collaboration with The YourState State Employees Association (YSEA) to provide the mail-prescription services to all its member, with a quality and new prescription handling facility.

Being the pioneer in the industry, HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. is going to cooperate with YSEA, offering mail-prescription services to the members of its health system. HealthWay will serve over 1 million state employees in the next four years, potentially doubling its income in service. HealthWay has been providing Mail-Meds service for the members of 345 companies and organizations, including Central College and YourState Firefighters’ Association.

“HeathWay’s dedication to investing in digital pharmacy services as well as its achievements are obvious and highly recognised by the community,” said J.D. Smith, Director of the Health Insurance Division of the YSEA. “We are very pleased and excited about our new cooperation with HealthWay in the coming four years!”

HealthWay values its high-quality record-keeping system very much. In order to maintain a completely separate record-keeping and processing facility for YSEA members, HealthWay will move its entire prescription handling facility to new premises in Othertown, YS. There will be two separated processing departments with a common shipping department in the building. Separated and specialized facilities will allow HealthWay to further automating its shipping procedures and benefit from bulk shipping rates with several carriers.

“We believe the service can help the retired elderly in the community,” said Peter Simson, Mayor of Othertown, YS. “We hope that HealthWay make a good use of the fund!”

HealthWay has also received financial support for its new facility from the YourState Office of Economic Development under the governor's “New Jobs, New opportunities” initiative. With this support, the new building is expected to recruit 40 extra employees for the non-professional fields, as well as the licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the next few years.

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About HealthWay Pharmacies Inc.

Founded in 1985 by the Robinson Family, HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. is a privately-held retail pharmacy chain based in Hong Kong. HealthWay operates 165 locations, mainly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. HealthWay provides products such as beauty, healthcare, hygiene and home goods. HealthWay also offers full walk-in or drive-through pharmacy services staffed by registered pharmacists, traditional Chinese consultation and treatment, HealthWay RX Access and E-Med for each individuals. In addition, as a member of the National Pharmaceutical Association, the HK Pharmacists Association and the Department of Commerce in Hong Kong, HealthWay represents locally-owned pharmacies and provides trainings for other member companies as well as universities. For more information, please visit the company’s website at