10 Major Towing Services You Can Depend On Classic Towing

If you have ever found yourself in need of heavy or semi towing in Naperville or have ever witnessed a car breakdown, you know that it is a very stressful and chaotic situation. Most accidents or breakdowns happen at random. So every situation is bound to be different for every driver. Your vehicle could have just stopped in the middle of the road, or maybe it could have flipped to its side, it could have also lost its brakes and damaged other vehicles or obstacles around it, or it could have gotten stuck in the middle of a freeway. Every towing situation is different. So you need to make sure that the towing company you hire can handle any situation that may arise. This is why Classic Towing is the company to call. You can rely on them to handle every situation, with professional skills, experience and the right equipment. Here are 10 major towing services you can depend on them.


  1. Heavy or Semi Towing – They specialize in both semi and heavy towing in Naperville, assuring that any vehicle under any difficult situation can be serviced and towed regardless of the size. Rely on Classic Towing to be able to handle all types of vehicles with their high end towing trucks and highly experienced crew.


  1. Accident Recovery – Classic Towing does not just help with your minor roadside needs, but they are also trained and skilled to help safely recover the vehicles of anyone who finds himself in an accident or mishap.


  1. Rollover Recovery – In addition to accident recovery, the company also offers a rollover recovery service. If your vehicle flipped to its side or to a full 180 degrees, you can definitely rely on Classic Towing to help you in your situation. They have the necessary tools and equipment to ensure a safe service.


  1. Pull and Jump Starts – Their team of professionals are skilled to do pull starts and jump starts. They are prepared and knowledgeable to do this if need be, using the right procedures to keep your car safe, assuring that there’s no added damage to your car and engine throughout the process.


  1. Diesel or Fuel delivery – You can rely on their crew to deliver both diesel and fuel if you find your tank empty. They offer a 55-gallon delivery for both diesel and fuel, suitable for any car in need of a top-up.


  1. Lockout Service – There’s nothing worse than locking yourself out of your car. And with most of our cars automaticly locking nowadays, it’s not a rare situation to be in. If you happen to find yourself in this situation, their lockout specialist can open your cars without damaging the lock system or any part of it for that matter.


  1. Load Transfers – The company does not only offer semi or heavy towing in Naperville but they can also help transfer the load you are carrying on to another vehicle. They have the right equipment to do this efficiently. No need to call two companies for two different services, thus saving you time and money.


  1. Underwater Recovery – Not all vehicle accidents are found on the road. Some vehicles will be found underwater. If you get yourself in a very unfortunate situation where your vehicle gets submerged in water, you can depend on Classic Towing with the right equipment and training to safely pull your vehicle out with care to avoid further damages to it.


  1. Decking and Undecking – Classic Towing’s professionals are skilled and equiped to help you deck or undeck your vehicle, large or small.


  1. Purchase Junk Cars – If your vehicle has surpassed the point of recovery, Classic Towing purchases junk vehicles to help you get rid of your problem and even earn a little extra cash from your old or dysfunctional vehicle.


These are some of the situations that motorists can be in or roadside assistance they may require at one point in time. There are several unpredictable things that can happen when on the road. With their 25 years of experience, and 24-hour towing service in more than 50 cities, you can rely on Classic Towing for any roadside assistance or semi and heavy towing in Naperville. They have the experience, skills and the right equipment to help you with your needs. For more details, you can call them at 630-364-2215.