Hide and Seek with Target Market

Hide and Seek with Target Market

Much time of our work we prioritize for studying possibility of increasing sales level. But to do that successfully, one must make some changes in business management. All your efforts to succeed will be in vain if you still trying to sell your product or service to wrong target audience.  

This is a vital ability – a skill to identify and sell. There was a survey that showed that 72% of big companies can’t find their online target marketing. Not mentioning those starters who want to start ecommerce business. They call such situation an e-commerce cold. What can we do to cure it?

First answer is to invest your time into process of finding your target customers. If you concentrate and become effective, it will immediately give you a good return of your investment.

Here are five tips we have prepared for you that may be of a good help when looking for your target audience.

·         Finding trends.

Hide & Seek is not a game to play with marketing. Target market is right next to you, you have just to see it. It is a known truth, if you want to find something, look for it in the very foreground.  As a rule, you suddenly find out that your client base hides a customer who can bring you the most profit. Your product could become a real hit and viral among some part of target audience – teenagers, professionals, older ladies, etc. In case you don’t know demographic attractiveness, you won’t make correct steps towards your potential buyers and you’re going to lose your sales.

Being web-active is a perfect way to get to know what your clients want. There are some tools to find out about demographics – we mean Google Analytics service, made to help you in tracking your website traffic. It is very useful to find out data about, demographics and location of your clients.

·         Going into depth.

Ask some questions in case you can’t find your target audience or you would like to change your target group.

Question 1. Who will your product or service bring most benefit to?

Question 2. Will your goal be achieved if you sell your product or service to this group?

Question 3. What problems do people try to solve when they buy your product or service?

Question 3. What are the interests and passions of your target group?

Questions 4. Is your product or service affordable?

·         Being social.

The results of researches show that more than 60% of US citizens use social media every day – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Such websites are not a hot item, they have become a necessity of business world. Learning websites where your target audience is the most active is obligatory for business. Use Facebook or Pinterest to find out where your customers hang out online. Use hashtags. Read feedback of your product or service.

·         Ask question.

Yes, it’s sometimes tiring and it’s kind of old school. Anyway, it works greatly:

1.       Start forum discussion.

2.       Ask student.

3.       Look for professionals.

4.       Visit trade shows

·         Competitors check.

Find out your competitors’ targets and current customers. Don’t go the same market as they do, but find another niche that they have missed. Thinks about the being different in your product or service. Be sure that information about your product or service is communicated to your competitors’ customers. If they see that they are underserved, they might become your target market.

It’s not easy to find your target audience. Realize your goals, study requirements, needs, habits, likes and passions of the market. Sounds tiring, but this is the only way to bring you to success.