What are the different types of TV units you can find in the market?

Not all TV stands that you will find in the market will similar. They have different designs, styles and made from various materials. In this article, you will find a comprehensive outline of the different types of TV unit designs. If you are purchasing a new TV unit, but you are not sure of what to buy, then let this article be the guide you are looking for. It will provide you with the basics of different TV furniture units that you can keep in your living or dining room.

Open shelving

One of the most popular styles of TV unit design is open shelving. This particular TV set is for people who are looking for something that takes less space and has a less obtrusive setup. It offers an open visual element, and the inner frame will hold the shelves that are beneath the main set up. Open shelving has a classy and sophisticated look to it, especially when made with glass and wood.

Stand with Audio Towers

A TV stand that has audio towers is a modular form that can be helpful in a lot of things. They are quite functional and represent a centre of full entertainment. They come with tall structured shelves which support the central stand and the television placed over it. So you can place speakers, coffee books, flower vase, décor items or any other supplemental equipment over the shelf. You would not have to worry about things that have no specific place at your house because they will all fit in the audio towers.


The cabinet model is quite classy to look at, and they usually come in two primary flavours- one looks quite similar to the console model. The console model has a unique and holistic shape, and the design features a useful shelving system. It has abundant space even though the furniture is quite compact. The other model looks like a standard armoire, which comes with a set of drawers. The drawers are beautifully placed in the ample enclosed space so you can hide the screen when it is not in use.


A very new concept in TV units UK is the floating design. These units are mounted on the wall, which allows for open floor space and elegant and clean look. The TV can be placed on the top or wall-mounted above the floating stand.

There is an extraordinary piece of TV unit known as an entertainment centre. It can really set a living room off with its singular, massive presence. It is artfully presented andis quite huge to cover the entire wall. These were some of the most common types of TV units.