How To Get The Shabby Chic Look With Chalk Paint

How To Get The Shabby Chic Look With Chalk Paint

How To Get The Shabby Chic Look With Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan is perhaps the best way to get the French Shabby Chic look for your furniture. If you're unfamiliar, this exciting style combines six unique aesthetics into one head turning blend. It evokes the warmth of the southern Mediterranean villas and cozy home life of Northern France all at once.

France has had a thriving rural economy for some time, and in the midst, this rich rustic style came to life. On the other hand you have the chateau style, an immensely influential look that came from the high society and royals of the 18th century. Of course, you also have to consider the thriving culture of Paris. In the 20th century, Paris' art scene truly flourished with an abundance of new combinations of colors and unique aesthetics that all remain in style to this day. Finally, the haute couture look was also born just a short distance away.

Whichever version of this notably Parisian style you decide to go with, there are a few key tips to keep in mind as you go about redecorating your furnishing. These techniques have even been tried and tested in many an Upcycling Workshop. With that in mind, try the following:

Use two coats of your Chalk Paint, applied with a large brush. Use strokes in various directions. From there, apply some clear wax with a large brush or spare cloth. Take it side by side, one after the other, and then gently scrub with medium sandpaper to show off just a bit of the layer underneath. Next, you should wax one more time and polish it to taste after letting it sit for a day or so. You can maintain a fresh look by reapplying the wax every now and then. A gentle spray cleaner is all you'll need if any cleaning is necessary.

Using Different Colors

If you're planning on using multiple colors, make sure your first coat is applied in a fairly thick fashion. A textured look will work wonders. Any additional colors should go on gradually smoother. Once again, scrubbing with sandpaper will give you the highly desired, lightly aged rustic appearance. This technique can be used to create a shabby chic dining table, wardrobe or any piece of wooden furniture.


Working with Chalk Paint should be effortless. If you have too much resistance for any reason, you can simply add a bit of water to break it down enough to work with more easily. It's also possible that resistance can come from using a brush that's too small. Bigger brushes are the clear way to go for this project.

What To Do If You're Unhappy With The Results

Furniture can be fickle, oddly enough. Every piece responds in different ways to paint. If you notice the paint reacts a certain way, simply go with it and adapt your approach. By letting the personality of the furniture shine through, you may get unexpected results that work to your favor!

With that, you have all you need to know, so get to it!