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Transform Your Home with Quality Decks and Fences at Eckhoff Construction

Most often than not, homeowners keep tabs of the latest trends in home designs, hoping to do one to their very own home as well. One example of a home remodeling project that is growing popular nowadays is the installation of decks and fences. Home builders in Missouri are offering these services at very affordable rates. If you want the same for your home too, entrust it only to Eckhoff Construction.

Eckhoff Construction is an outdoor living and remodeling specialist, focusing on making and taking care of your decks and fences. For a number of years now, this company has been giving homes stunning transformations with their carefully crafted decks and fences. These experts will help turn your ideas into reality with their skillful staff, the most efficient methods, as well as the finest materials from their trusted business partners. Here is a quick look on what they can offer:


Eckhoff Construction offers all sorts of decks in any material or design. If you do not have any idea of what specific style you want installed in your home, then you can always choose from their numerous existing designs. However, if you desire a particular material, color, or make, then these home builders in Missouri will be more than willing to customize and build your very own deck. If you are thinking why you should have one at home, here are some reasons to convince you with:

• You will have an outdoor space for entertaining guests.

With your deck, you can host a family dinner, neighborhood gathering, or a barbeque party whenever you want. This central space to hangout will be better with the outdoor furniture of your choosing.

• You will have extra space to utilize.

Remember, you can always use the deck itself more than just for social gatherings. Moreover, you can also use the spot under your deck as a storage space. Eckhoff Construction can also take care of your underdeck ceilings for a more complete home improvement project.

• Your will be able to improve your home’s curb appeal and value.

Whatever design you want to go with, you can make your decks to complement the rest of your property. Moreover, a home that is aesthetically appealing and has a lot of functional areas sell better in the market. If you do not want to sell your property, just know that having a deck at home will your place very desirable and of high value as well.


Just like the decks, Eckhoff Construction offers a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing your fences. This company can provide you with any fence of your choosing, including privacy fences, aluminum railings, chain link fencing, and wrought iron gates. To further complement your decks and truly have that home transformation, here are some of the advantages of having fences at home:

• You will be able to keep your pets and children in.

With fences installed, your children will also be kept safe within your home. The same thing goes as well with your pets. They will not be able to go out of your yard and wreak havoc in your neighborhood or get stolen by others.

• You will have the privacy that you need.

Fences will give you a sense of privacy in your own backyard. You will be free from any bystanders and onlookers who pry on your activities at home. There is nothing better than having a peace of mind.

• You will be able to keep thieves out.

Having fences will keep both you and your property safe from thieves. These fences will give these people a hard time breaking in. Keeping your home safe is utterly important and adding fences will help you with that.

Installation and Repair

Choosing both or either between decks and fences, from Eckhoff Construction will help you out every step of the way. These home builders in Missouri will help you put your ideas into paper and make that sketch a reality. With their installation services, your decks and fences will be placed with skill. Moreover, in instances that you may need some repairs, this company can also take care of it for you.

To avail of Eckhoff Construction’s services, never hesitate to reach them at (573) 808 - 3181 or You can also visit for more details.