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Microsoft Family Features

Did you know that you can control your children’s web activity with your Hotmail account? Yes, you heard it right, with just your email address. This service is called “Microsoft Family Features”.

Not only web activity but also you can control the Xbox gaming time and games that you allowed your children to play. So, all in all this is a full family pack.

Microsoft Family Features

Microsoft Family features is basically a service provided by Microsoft where you can create a family group and if you have a child then add an email account as an child where you can control the web usage via your email account.

Sounds interesting right?

As soon as you add your children’s Hotmail account as child, you can control almost all the activity via that account. Some of them are,

Web Activity:

If you want your kids to stay away from adult content that is available easily on the web, you can block all those sites from browsing via that account. Also, the best part is you can only allow the few sites (educational) to be easily browsed from that account. This is useful for the parent that don’t have enough time to spend with their kids. Also, this can be used while your kids are having a test or exam in schools. Furthermore, if your kids are spending a lot of time in social media, you can block those site easily. Read More in detail at my blog.

Xbox Gameplay:

This is the best among all. You can literally control the gaming time of your kids with this features. Furthermore, you can create a time table on which day and what time your kids are allowed to play games with your email account. Sounds interesting right? Yes this can be done with just a single click on your family settings. So, this is best for those parent who are having a lot of trouble with the kids who spends a lot of time playing Xbox instead of studying and late night going to bed. So, once you activate this service, they cannot play the games no matter what. So, if you’re facing the same problem, you might want to try these.

So, these are the things that you can easily manipulate being in family group. But there’s something to remember:

This can only be done with Microsoft Platforms i.e Windows Phone, PC & Laptops, Xbox etc.